Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dogs Going Out

I am one of the fosterers filling in for Lesley and keeping you up to date on the comings and goings of sanctuary life.  I was there on Monday taking photos of the new collies that were admitted at weekend, in the hope of generating some interest in them, but before I had even arrived home to process the photos, Tilly, the black and tan, pictured here with Bella, had already had someone interested in her.  That was probably a good thing as she was such a whirling dervish that none of the photos came out that well!  I am not a collie person myself, but all of the collies at present in Freshfields care are such affectionate dogs that even I had the urge to take them home, especially Bella and Sweep.  To see more of the collies take a look at our flickr site: Freshfields Wales Flickr  Tilly will be a commuting dog having two homes: one in Cricieth and one in Northampton - lucky girl!

Bruno the delightful Jack Russell has also left for a new home.  We knew he wouldn't be here for long as he was such a lovely young dog.  We also have someone interested in the two Yorkies and young Jack.  And we have even had someone interested in the rabbits; here's hoping that the home works out. 

Sadly we have not homed any cats.  We need to get the cat side of the rescue more well known and to this end we have produced a poster showing some of the cats.  Could you help distribute these posters for us by printing them off and putting them up in shops, on notice boards, etc?  If so then please visit our website: Freshfields Animal Rescue and go to the download page shown towards the bottom of the home page.  You will need to register and log in to access the downloads, but that only takes a few minutes to do.  We would be extremely grateful for your help, and the cats who got homes would be even more grateful, as would those on the very long waiting list!

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