Monday, 16 May 2011

An Old Spaniel Pulls at My Heartstrings.

We are all  still recovering from the hectic day yesterday.
 and hoping when the sponsor money all comes in that it will have made the walk worthwhile for everybody who took part and got soaked when the heavens opened!
Whilst we were gettting everyone organised to set off, little Bella pup was meeting her new family for the first time, she was a little overwhelmed and even her new canine pal looked totally bemused at all the activity going on around them.
Kellie collie was  returned from her home because of not getting on with the other dog in the home during the dog walk but she has been adopted again almost immediately
and we are hopeful that this time  we have made the right choice.
 Shortly after Bella and Kellie  left the shelter, a  neglected spaniel type was brought in, having been found near collapse in  Caernarfon. At first I was not sure whether she was a she or a he, her coat is so dirty and matted underneath and round her rear and she is very old. I decided to take her in the house and Paddy and Patch(and little Cassie) accepted her immediately (they are good dogs ) she was as good as gold all evening though was constantly staring at me and wagging her tail whenever I looked over at her.Oh No , not another dog  I fall for? I still haven't found the right home for Casssie though I will part with her to the right person. Honestly!
Tomorrow Rosie is going to have a go at clipping the old girl and then we can bath her, she will feel so much better when all that mucky hair is removed,poor old girl. What can we call her? It becomes hard to think of names when we deal with so many animals, the cogs in my brain start to slow down after a while! Of course there is always the possibility that an owner will turn up to claim her but I would want to know why she is in the state she is in before I hand her over to anyone. This gentle quiet  dog needs cossetting and taken care of in her old age and that has clearly not been happening. There may be a valid reason, such as her belonging to an elderly person who is ill or has died so I must not jump to conclusions at this stage but it is so upsetting to see a dog like this that it is easy to feel anger .
Two more cats arrived today from Machynlleth where they had been found (on separate  occasions)and taken to  Elinor who runs our Charity shop there,needless to say they did not arrive themselves having  caught a bus from mac to the shelter!I know the shelter is becoming known  for providng plentiful food and board and lodging for strays but I dont think the stray cat population has quite evolved enough to  find their own way here just yet! Trish from our Porthmadog shop has a husband Bob who is often called upon to collect animals from  outside our immediate area and he drove off this morning to collect the pair who are both black (oh no!!) but youngsters around 5 - 6 months.

Speaking of black cats I have heard that Oscar has made himself at home in South Wales and  his new people are delighted to be able to provide a forever home for him, they were filled with scorn at the person who returned him just 24 hours after taking him for jumping on a work unit and were only too pleased to provide their own work surfaces for his exploration of his new home.As they both said"Dont all cats do that?"Maybe there are some extraordinarily well behaved cats about but I have to say my own have never shown any regard to any pleas I may have made to them to restrict their movements, in fact they simply glared at me and carried on with whatever they were doing! Thats cats for you.
We are getting through so much catfood at the moment,its costing over £200 per week, frightening isn't it? I will have to start stocking up soon on kitten food as our fostered kittens will be coming close to homeable age and  will be needing spaces here. I think the first litter to come in will be about 5 weeks old now. They have been quite late arriving this year though it varies so much we can never be sure when the mad influx of kittens will start.
Time to take out my dogs now so I need to put on some waterproofs, it is still raining and dismal, oh for some sun!
PS: Just had  a call about another unwanted animal in Machynlleth, a collie cross pup this time, how annoying I didn't get the call this morning so Bob would have had to make just the one trip. I asked if the owner would pay petrol and she has agreed so Bob will collect her tomorrow.


von said...

I'd call the Spaniel 'Dolly' - a nice name for an older girl. And when you've given her a makeover, she can be a little dollybird.

kim said...

So glad the spaniel was claimed,but i hope they now wash her and cut her coat too.The poor little love