Sunday, 1 May 2011

A very quiet weekend which Improves by Sunday

What a quiet weekend it has been,With the televised wedding and the fabulous weather, few people have had adopting pets on their minds.Still it gave me the much needed opportunity to clean out my fridge and other boring jobs. I also went to Machynlleth yesterday to see Elinor who runs that shop to take newsletters and to discuss wording for a plaque in her husband Gareths memory.He was a great help to Freshfields , a truly nice person and we wanted to acknowledge that fact. We were pleased to see the shop was very busy with both locals and visitiors to the area,it is in a good spot opposite the Quarry wholefood cafe which is always packed and good for a bite to eat before making the journey back to Gwynedd.
The last kitten was adopted and as yet we have not been asked to admit any others and Bettys three surviving babies are still too young for homing.Betty originally had five but she lay on two shortly after they were born. We are unsure if that was because there was something wrong with them, she did not have enough milk for five or more likely that it was simply a tragic accident and the young mother was not experienced enough to be more careful. She did have a habit of rather clumsily throwing herself down on her blanket  Regarding  not having more adoptable  kittens.I have probably spoken too soon, whenever I write comments like this  suddenly the telephone willlstart ringing with requests to take the very animals I have said we do not have!
Picture is of Caspar and Honey shetlands and Heather and Paddy shetlands(Paddy is hiding) enjoying the sunny day.

Two adoptions today - Pictured below. Kai the young Staffordshire bull terrier and Bruno a 4 months collie pup . Please please let them both settle, I dont think I could cope with any more being returned. neither SHOULD be returned as the  person who took Bruno has had a collie previously and knows what he is taking on and  Kai is a nice dog albeit a strong one but when people have had this breed  they too know exactly what they are signing up for so fingers crossed for these two being success stories.

ps; Mei is pretty fed up as still has had no operation to relieve her wrist pain, now she has to try a splint for a month to see of she can cope with her wrist being immoboilised permanently! Apparently the best option she has is for for a fusion op but whether she will be able to deal with not being able to move it at all remains to be seen and if she does there is a 4 mionth waiting list for the op.That takes it up to 2 and a half years she has had to deal with the pain and seeing numerous doctors , being passed from dept to dept. So much for the National Health!

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