Monday, 30 May 2011

Left At The Gate!!!

Boss woman is taking a break from "blogging" today, so short and sweet(Well Maybe!!)  from me. Please bear with me whilst I tell you about yesterday. Myself and a few friends packed up the vans and traveled to the Wirral for a White And Long Coat German Shepherd Charity Event which was running in conjunction with a Companion charity show. All proceeds going to CANINE HEALTH CONCERN RESEARCH INTO CANINE EPILEPSY. Another very worth cause. A great day was had by all, despite the fact there were no toilets!!! We took Finlay, who I'm sure you know was rescued by Freshfields from Abergele pound in 2007, and Misty came with her new mum Sandra. (Misty was the white bitch rescued this year, mother to Teddy pup) Sandra was absolutely delighted that Mist won Best Rescue in show and was also placed 4th in the class for white long coated German Shepherd bitches. Our standard coloured/coated dogs also did well and I hope the organisers were successful in collecting as much money as possible for their charity.

Anyway back to the staff arrived this morning they were very distressed to find a Whippet tied to the fence on the track. WHY? There really is no need for it...and how long had he been there? I hope to God that he hadn't been there all night, it doesn't bear thinking about does it! Luckily, after some frantic phone calls he is now in a foster home and apparently Whippet Rescue have homes waiting for dogs. Here's hoping this is a new beginning for him! There's also hope of a new home for Bruno the 8months old JRT that was admitted last week. So again,here's hoping that when his prospective owners go to see him in his foster home they all get on a treat, we'll keep you updated!
Sadly not may animals have been re-homes over the weekend, but I was really pleased to hear that Stripey cat (Who by the way is black and white!!!) has finally found a home. You've been with us too long...All the best Stripey cat! Talking of black and white cats, the little hissy black and white kitten is still with us. The rest of the litter have gone and she's sadly alone. She would really benefit from finding her forever home now, and I'm sure in a safe, stable environment she would quickly become a sweetie. Anyone???
There has been one admittance into the cattery today. What was suppose to be a "Starving, unentered Stray" turned out to be in reasonable condition and is neutered! Let's hope someone will soon miss him and find him with us at Freshfields!
Cheers ..Rhian (On My Day Off!!!!)

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