Friday, 20 May 2011

In Which I Decide to Part with Cassie

The animals did not go in to be neutered today becasue Rhian who usually does the vet trips in the morning, called in sick and as my car is in the garage being serviced we had to cancel.They will go in next week instead so Felix can hang on to his bits for a little longer!I hope Rhian will be ok, personally I think she has just got herself overexcited at the shock of being able to purchase tickets for the next George Michael concert later in the year!Apparently once they go for sale online they are sold out within the first 15 minutes and she was all of a dither worrying that she would not put in her bid in time.If you read this Rhian,take it easy and hope you will feel better soon.

Ember and Fred ponies have had their homecheck passed so the next step will be to arrange a date for them to go to their new home. I am so thankful some of the ponies are going out on loan, with the 3 newbies we will be short of winter stabling unless some are adopted on the loan scheme.There is someone else coming to visit next week with the view to having two ponies on loan so if that pans out it will work out well for the winter ahead.
Caradog and Freebie are still quite nervous though improving daily as they become used to us and William is just a sweetie, he loves human company and he is rapidly becoming a great favourite with me. Speaking of favourites I think I have found a home for Cassie the cross dachsund which has stolen my heart, there have been many who have wanted her but I think this home in Macclesfield may be the right one so pending a homecheck she could be leaving me this weekend.I am not looking forward to that! Not that any others could take her place but there are always others waiting for a cosy space in my living room and I had decided that it would be unfair of me to keep such a homeable animal when there are so many needing help out there. No sooner had I made that decision when I had a request to help with 2 elderly yorkshire terriers whose owners had been forced to move into rented accommodation so my knee will soon be occupied once again. There will be no time to miss Cassie and anyway I know I am doing the best thing for her future welfare.Why do I sound as though I am trying so hard to convince myself?

The two Yorkshire terriers have arrived and made themselves complately at home in the house as though they have lived here all their lives.Not surprising really - they have been kept outside in a kennel in their last home. They must think this is the ultimate in canine luxury living! They are sweet little dogs and even though they are 11 years and 10 years I know there will be someone out there who will love them. I do need to get them neutered however as they are opposite sex and Freshfields does not approve of in-house breeding!They are quite old to be neutered but seem healthy enough and if they are to remain together there is no other option.I will obviously have them checked over by a Vet first.Maybe we could just have the male done?


Tali said...

Maybe your right, delayed reaction to all the GM stress is not good for my health..haha!!
Sorry I wasn't firing on all cylinders today ... But I tried!

kippaxking66 said...

Hi there, I rang this evening expressing interest in Cassie, I am glad you have found her a good home, and will keep on looking at your site to see if another little dog appeals in the future. I have supported your shop in Porthmadog donating goods for many years, you do a super job!