Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Kai goes on Holiday.

Today I heard from the family who adopted Kai the Staffordshire bull terrier, it looks as though he is having a great time and I could not be happier for him.Pictured here camping with new family and having a romp in the sea. Lucky Kai. Every time we are successful homing a Staff I think how lucky that dog is when so many have no chance at all . I just love it when  we receive photos and updates on adopted pets,it makes all the hardships worth while. I hope Kai has a long and happy life with Phil and family. Ty the cross staff  who went to live in Devon has also sent me a lovely photo of himself with his new person and that too appears to be a good match, unfortunately I cannot show this because it was not sent via email but it has pride of place on the office wall now.

We have started sending the horses off to their summer homes and Callie and Freddie were the first to go this morning. They have gone to a home near Caernarfon, this is the third year Eifion has had ponies for the summer but this is the first time he has had these two and he was really looking forward to their arrival today.
Rosie has taken Old William and Leroy his shetland friend to graze on her property and the next ones to go will be our lovely youngsters Celt , Merlin and Shamrock who will also be going to a property in Caernarfon and this too will be the third year we have had the offer of free grazing there. What a difference this makes to us, to have the opportunity to use other peoples fields for the horses from May to October saves us a lot of money and gives us the opportunity to work on the fields whilst they are empty of equines.
This year the fields are in an even worse state than last year, the long, bad winter has taken its toll on the grass and we are anxious to start fertilising and resting the fields.Work will start on this next week - a long and arduous job!
I have a rather urgent issue to deal with, someone locally has 2 horses which lose their grazing land this weekend. can I help temporarily? I need to think this over very carefully, the owner is looking for a permanent placing for them ;It is not the immediate problem, but rather the longterm I have to think of. If I knew I could find a loan home for them before the winter it would be ok but if I dont then we will be short of stabling - unless some ponies are adopted on the loan scheme.We have two pairs of shetland ponies with no health or temperament problems and they are suitable for adoption but so far we have had no concrete offers. I will sleep on it and look at the case again in the nmorning though time is running out for them so a quick decision is of the utmost importance.

My car is on its last legs and I have  to find another quickly, a mechanic is looking one over for me, it is cheap and if there are no major parts about to fall apart then it should last me another 2 years if I am lucky. Fingers crossed it will pass muster tomorrow.If it does one of the first trips  I will be doing is  taking  Paddy on the beach, he cannot climb into my current truck and this one will be easy for him.He is really active at the moment and his wobblers syndrome seems to be causing him little bother so it will be good for him to go for a walk along the sea edge  at Dinas Dinclle our nearest beach.It might do me some good too. I keep promising myself that I will take up running again but there always seems to be something to prevent me doing so. In truth the only obstacle is ME! It will be my May resolution, starting tomorrow!Always put off today what you can do tomorrow!

PS: one cat adopted - Fudge the unclaimed stray has left us, his uncaring owners loss is anothers gain, he is a beautiful looking pale ginger and has   a lovely nature to go with it.
This time round he should be looking at a permanent home(can we ever be sure of that?) I really hope so, there has to be some faith in human nature or I would go completely mad - no rude comments please.

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