Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cassie and I Part for Good.

According to Netta, one of my supporters, some regional administrators of freecycle ban the advertising of pets so it seems this areas admin team has neither compassion nor ethics! Have no fear, I will not give up my campaign to stop this happening.
Yesterday when my friend collected the cat advertised as suitable for a farm, she was horrified to discover the cat was matted so badly she will require a Veterinary Surgeon to anaesthetise her to shave off the coat.As she was collecting her, a neighbour came out and asked her if she wanted HER cat as she wanted to get rid of that too. I have told her to go ahead and she is returning today to pick that unwanted animal .We are overflowing with cats here and it is becoming urgent for us to rehome some if we are to help mpore of the cats on our ever increasing waiting list.If any readers can help by advertising them in local shops or offices I would be very grateful.Maybe we could offer 'buy one get two free!' ONLY JOKING.
I wonder what people thought of the recent media coverage of the man taking his pony everywhere - on train, pub, etc.personally I did not think it funny at all, I was outraged that a pregnant pony should be living a life like this. I hear that the RSPCA visited and cannot do anything, presumably because the pony is well fed, I really dont know though I do know that the present law concerning animal abuse is far from ideal and often they have their hands tied as to what they are legally allowed to do,nevertheless it is hard to understand how it is deemed acceptable for the owner to try to take a pony on a train and a hospital etc and I believe he was offering the pony for sale for £200 and how did the animal obtain the cuts round her head? At least now the authorities are aware of the situation and with a bit of luck she will be bought by someone with more sense and decency.

My dear little Cassie went to her new home yesterday, I liked the new people very much but was still upset when they drove off with her,I could not bear to watch! I am silly allowing myself to become so attached to her, there are so many others in need of my care but the heart is a strange thing isn't it? I suppose it is like meeting loads of unsuitable prospective partners but only an occasional one manages to break through the emotional defence barrier! Cassie really did steal my heart so I am on tenterhooks waiting to hear how she see photos of her enjoying life with Sara and Julian in Cheshire.

Stephanie, Jack and Williams previous owner came to see them and was pleased to know that there is a good chance of William (pictured here having a munch of hay)finding a permanent home.In fact the interested lady is coming to see him on Friday, she is known to us here and I know that if she likes him(and how could she not?) he will want for nothing.He is a handsome horse and apparently he is the great great grandson of the famous racehorse Nijinksky.Its a good thing he was not up to being a racehorse like his ancestor or he would never have become the pet he is now.He is another I have found myself becoming unduly attached to so it is as well he may be leaving us very soon.In truth I do not have the time to have lavish attention on my own horse and I can always potter round on Rocky should the mood take me.Alsoi pictured is a headshot of the very handsome Caradog, he is still a little shy but improving all the time, the farrier needs to do his feet and unfortunately he cancelled his visit last week.Still he will be out first week in June so its not too long to wait, farriers are like gold dust in this area!

A stray pup is being brought in later by a lady who found him wandering around a car park in Porthmadog.Vanessa already has Jack the cross GSD pup(have I mentioned him?)Pictured here the day he was admitted.He was admitted because he was one of a planned litter(dont ask me why)from a cross kelpie/GSd and he was returned at the age of four months. Why they would want to breed from mixed breed dogs?
You know I never wanted to breed myself(me personally , not dogs!) the thought of producng a mini me never remotely appealed to me, I wonder is that why I feel so strongly about animal breeding? No, the fact is I just think there are far too many unwanted animals already without adding to the numbers.Mind you that could apply to humans too! Food for thought!. Anyhow Vanessa is happy to take this one also, she said they will be able to keep each other occupied playing.Thanks Vanessa, you are a star!

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