Saturday, 14 May 2011

Oscar finally Hits the Jackpot.

This afternoon I had a call from the North Wales Police who had been called to a house where the owner had been found dead ;  a Jack Russell dog and a cat were present in the house and the police needed  help to place them somewhere safe as they were closing up the house. The little dog was  ancient, both deaf and blind and displaying extreme signs of senility, she was totally unaware of what was happening which was a blessing. The cat was being fed by a neighbour and she is thinking it over whether to keep him or not so if she decides against it, we will collect him at the weekend.
I do not feel there is a quality of life for the dog,in my opinion she has been suffering for a while.

The two horses which were supposed to come in and then the owners changed their minds, have been signed over to the shelter  after an unexpected  visit from the owners today. They have realised that they are not in a position to keep the horses(they had been moved to a small patch of land adjoining their house)and that their circumstances are such that they need a place  for them as soon as possible.Vanessa is going in the morning to help walk the two  ponies up to the shelter -  it is only in the next village so not too far and Vanessa should be well used to it and fit enough after walking William and Leroy to their summer grazing last week, the walk took them a good two hours to reach their destination. This one should be a doddle in comparison.

Rhian took the old dog to the vet for euthanasia, everybody felt sad at the circumstances surrounding her admittance and the  negative outcome but there was really no alternative.That does not make it any easier. We never become hardened to losing an animal no matter what the reason or age.
The new horses arrived and have settled in to the main herd with a good deal  of squealing and pushing about from the resident horses and ponies. The big fellow  Caradog is quite a dominant horse so is well able to look after himself in the already established herd and his pal Freebie simply tags along behind him. Both are healthy animals and I am hopeful we will be able to find a good home for them together. They desperately need their feet trimming, and fortunately the farrier is due to visit on Monday so that can be done quickly.
A good day today for Oscar the cat which had been here 2 years, was rehomed and returned the following day for jumping on the kitchen units. I had advertised him on the catchat website under the Top Cats section(for longtermers and difficult to home cats) and to my joy, I was contacted by a lovely couple from South Wales who travelled up today to offer him a home.How wonderful is that? He will be going to a real cat loving home and I feel that this is the right place for him where he will be happy and content for the rest of his life. I am looking forward to hearing all about his new adventure.
Handsome Boys Marcus and Oliver have also become Chosen Ones today, I am surprised this stunning pair have not been adopted before  but then again we do not have hundreds of visitors here to look at the cats. Mmm  - how can I change that situation? Perhaps I could send Mei out on the streets with sandwhich boards advertising the shelter!!! Somehow I cant see her agreeing to that idea| so I may need to come up with another plan. Damn!
PS: just decided Marcus and Oliver are NOT going to live with these people as they keep their two dogs in a shed and have a staffordshire bull terrier about which they have no idea if he gets on with cats!!! Apparently when they were told that the two cats will not eat cheap brands of food one of the women said "well they'll have to get used to it".!!   Actually Mrs, no they wont!
I may be desperate to find good homes but not that desperate to send them to the wrong home.

Another new horse has been admitted today.Stephanie who returned Jack due to a drastic change in personal circumstances had sold her other horse Will and the new owner wanted her to take him back.The reason - she had been jumping him and he had developed sore fetlocks, something which neither Stephanie nor her Vet(who is our Vet too) had seen in him previously. Knowing now that she would not be able to sell him and was unable to take him back she was hoping we could help. We had thought Jack would be delighted to see Will again but he totally ignored him, having taken quite a fancy to our mare Sorrell(well she is a pretty girl) Poor Will. Never mind, he is sure to pal up with one of the other horses before long.

When I went into my house to  have lunch there were two swallows flying around the kitchen.I had left the back door open for the dogs and they must have flown in by accident.I shoved the dogs out the room quickly and managed to trap the birds without too much fuss or trauma to them(there was more to me because although I adore birds, I am scared of handling them) Both flew off happily, they are so beautiful close up, I felt privileged to have seen them at such close quarters.

Little Chester the patterdale terrier has gone on a  7 day trial to a couple in Dolgellau, he is such a live wire we are all worried they may find him too much to cope with but fingers crossed. His problem is that he was not trained to behave as a young pup , he is now still only 7 months but it will be like starting from scratch.
 Just after the other visitors left , two nice ladies arrived and they have reserved Marcus and Oliver so the two boys  will not be here much longer and this time they will be going to people who are genuine animal lovers. Pictured here.I did want to put on a picture of Oscar but for some reason I was unable to upload it.Never mind I know the new people will be sending me some photos of him soon so I will wait till then.

It really has been a good weekend for adoptions, Tully and Sam ,two of the dogs I was frantically trying to place in foster homes just days ago have both been neutered on Friday and have been reserved already. Cassie remains with me(can I bear to part with her?)

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