Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Left behind by Callous Owner.

Well surprise surprise the old spaniel was claimed by an elderly couple, the dogs name is Jenny and as we were about to clip her, the son of the owners is going to take the old girl to Rosie to have the grooming session she so desperately needs and he has promised to keep an eye on her condition  in future.Jenny is 14 years old and she  was clearly pleased to see a familiar face so although I was unhappy to see a dog in such a bad condition, with monitoring we all felt she would be happiest back in her own home.
Another cat was adnmitted after his owner died suddenly, Felix as he is named is not altogether happy to find himself with a  change in circumstances and no doubt he will be even less happy tomorrow when he is neutered!Sorry Felix but it has to be done!
An owner has turned up for one of the road traffic accident cats.Alfie as we called him(the tabby and white) has gone back to his real home and guess what his name is - ALFIE! How is that for coincidence? Sadly Purdey the little cat who lost her eye has since died of complications from what turned out to be severe brain damage, poor little soul.
2 More cats were admitted today after I received a telephone call from a neighbour who had been feeding them since their owner moved away and abandoned them.They are young black and whites and seem very bewildered as you can see by the photographs.What on earth causes people to do this, have they no feelings or kindness within them?It does make me mad.

Helen the manager of the Liverpool shelter sent up their van today, packed with goodies. We  were so excited to receive the donations of catfood plus other items like donated horse rugs and a large cat scratching unit which will be going into the feral enclosure to help relieve their boredom.They so love new toys to investigate and even a simple cardboard box has them entertained for hours(see photo)

Today we also took delivery of two mobile storage containers purchased locally and at last we have storagefor the animal feeds and for goods donated for the charity shops as well as providing space to store our sales goods and display boards. Now I can tidy the office which is for once empty of non office equipment.Bookeeper Veronica who willl be in work tomorrow will be both delighted and shocked to see everything cleared from our work space.
Incidentally regarding the two new horses Caradog and Freebie, Mei and I have now realised that these were the same horses we went to investigate 2 years ago after complaints about the conditions they were being kept in! At first I had not realised they were the same ones as it was a different village we went to but photos I took on the day have confirmed that they are definitely the same horses. At the time we spoke to the owners wife and was basically told where to go, nevertheless I advised her that she MUST move them to a better field which she did albeit reluctantly and in great annoyance at my interference. It just shows you that sooner or later animals like this come back into the radar eventually.

We have had another manic day with dogs so I am just waiting for our wonderful foster people to come and collect them. A farmer has turned up with two collies he no longer wants and a distraught lady who had bought a patterdale terrier in good faith, having been told he was good with children only to find out that he isn't!Actually he is only a youngster of 9 months and a friendly but nervous little dog so I think he is maybe just been overwhelmed by them.

It has been a lovely warm and bright day today and I was delighted to see clumps of bluebells in one of the fields, how these dainty little flowers have managed to survive the heavy footed horses plodding all over the area is amazing but they are not only surviving but apparently flourishing.Could it be that we may have the beginnings of a bluebell wood here!What a lovely thought.

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