Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cat and Bird share a Meal

This lovely middle aged white cat went missing for a month after being rehomed after her owner died.No doubt bewildered and scared at her change of circumstances she scarpered when her new person let her out the same day she arrived! Any cat person knows that this is bound to result in a  lost pet, we always advise that new cats should be kept safely indoors for at least three weeks during which time he/she can adjust to its new environment.Any less than that can lead to disaster. By the time she resurfaced her new owner was not in a position to keep her so she was admitted to the shelter where she has settled fairly well. We are a litle concerned that her ears may be cancerous so she has a vet appointment scheduled for an all over examination. This is so common with all white animals.Currently we have another white cat whose ears have had to be amputated.Roo the Siamese and his elderly friend Eric came in a few weeks ago and Eric has had to have his ears amputated .He is doing well though I do wish they would appeal to someone nice, they need to spend the rest of their lives in a home and not stuck at a shelter. Only now are they becoming friendly, they fretted for some weeks after arriving and it would be lovely for them if they were to be adopted.

The thrush photographed near the cats bowl was a true example of one of my (many) missed photo opportunities!Today  I witnessed this  cat and bird eating out of the same bowl . I rushed back to the car to get my camera, returned to see the cat Lucy(a Freshfields cat) who lives at a caravan site locally, had finished her meal and had walked away to wash herself leaving the thrush to finish off the meal.Apparently this has been going on for a while and Lucy has never shown any inclination to chase or eat the bird.Amazing.
Shortly after this episode  I was at the garage where my new old car was being given the once over and took this photo of a swallow sitting on the garage roof, not the best pic but as the old saying goes - god loves a trier!The car has passed its once over, well it will need some bits doing to it but generally the feeling was that it should do me for the next 2 years if I am careful with it(now that could be a problem!) I have got used to the automatic after some trepidation and it is a lot easier to drive than my Toyota Tank which is so heavy and hard work to get it moving and forget uphill, it didnt do uphill and slowed to an almost full stop if faced with the most gradual incline in the road.I will not be sorry to see it go.
A lady is coming to see Honey Lurcher tomorrow but I am unsure if she would settle without another dog for company, she comes alive with other canines and would become easily bored without the presence of another dog.As it is I have to have all the door handles in the house turned upside down, if I am not there she opens the doors to go exploring and that is simply too dangerous with other animals about.having said that she has shown no inclination to to harm my cats or even to chase them. Speaking of dogs chasing livestock I felt very sorry for Jan who runs our Llandudno shop and who has been struggling with a Utonagan she rescued. Like all Husky types they are hard to manage in most homes and have a propensity for wandering and not returning to command.Unfortunately the dog managed  to escape and was shot dead by a farmer who found her chasing sheep and a horse(whom she attacked). One cannot blame the farmer , any dog worrying livestock is at risk and I know Jan feels dreadful about the poor horse who ended up with an injured leg .The moral of this story is that Utonagans, and huskies are beautiful dogs but are totally unsuitable for most average homes.Out of all the dogs I have dealt with over the years, these breeds are the ones for which  I find the most difficult to find suitable homes. many want them but few will cope. I doubt Jan will want to take one on again.
Ps: The owner of the two horses I was trying to help has decided she does not want to part with them so panic over!I cant say I am sorry, it would have been an extra worry right now.

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