Saturday, 21 May 2011

More Freecycle animals Are Admitted.

I have decided to do something about this onlineshop freecycle because in spite of writing to the administrators on several occasions I have received no response whatsoever and still more animals are being offered this way. This week alone we have admitted a Patterdale terrier and a cat. The terrier was advertised by someone whose email I recognised and realised she had returned a dog some weeks ago.What was she doing getting rid of yet another so soon after? I emailed her immediately and advised against her advertising an animal this way and she replied agreeing with me. A week later a lady turned up with a Patterdale she had obtained via the freecycle site! Yes it was the same dog so we have ended up with him. I am so annoyed but glad at the same time that this time he will have a better chance of finding a permanent home.He is a lovely little dog and if he was not good with the children I would say that it was because he was bewildered at being passed around from pillar to post though terriers and toddlers are not generally a good mix.In fairness to the lady who brought him in, she had been assured that he was excellent with children. Alfie is just 9 months old and a friendly nice natured animal who is just starting to appear more settled, he was very anxious when he arrived.
The second to be admitted is a cat which was being offered as a cat suitable for living on a farm.A friend of mine kindly offered to foster him until we had space as she was concerned he would fall into the wrong hands if he was to be rehomed through this site.
So far we have had dogs, cats and rabbits brought in which have been homed through freecycle and it has to stop.I am going to see if I can interest the media in it, its worth a try as the administrators of the site quite clearly could not care less and do not even have the decency to respond to my messages.

Whilst I am on a roll about irresponsibility, I was shocked and distressed to hear that yet another of our animals had been taken to a vet to be destroyed! Monty a 4 years old cat rehomed as a kitten narrowly missed being killed thanks to the Vet refusing to take the course of action the owner had requested.He knew the cat was a Freshfields cat and thankfully I was able to go and collect him.Not once in 4 years had this person rung and expressed an inability to cope yet without doing so she had made the decision to have a perfectly healthy cat put down.To say I was livid is an understatement.We have adoption forms which have to be signed saying that should the new carer be unable to look after the animal Freshfields reserve the right to have it back and unlike some charities we take them back.NEVER EVER do we say no. We take the future welfare of our adopted animals very seriously indeed .
Pictured here is a very relieved cross eyed Monty
who is such a friendly cat and deserved so much better.
I have just realised I failed to give an update on the case concerning the other two cats Marcus and Oliver which were also taken to a vet to be destroyed and have subsequently been adopted recently .
The person who had been 'caring' for them also adopted another cat from us and we have been trying to get in touch with her to get him back, unfortunately we have had no luck but attempts are still being made to do so. I have put Rhian in charge of this problem because I could not trust myself to deal with her in a professional way and Rhian although she too is very angry about it, has a calmer temperament than yours truly so is the best person for the job.At the end of the day we just want to have the other cat returned to us so we can rest knowing his future wellbeing is not in her hands.

Of the two colles recently admitted from a farmer,I discovered that they have been in a shed all their lives since pups , hardly ever(if ever) coming out!so it is small wonder that they were traumatised by suddenly being cast into the big wide world! Cadi the older is slightly more well adjusted - p[erhaps she has had some experience of being socialised and has in fact gone out to a home on a 7 day trial but Seren the younger of two is extremely anxious and agitated all the time.My heart goes out to her, she so wants to be loved but is scared of approaching people and everything that moves causes her alarm. I simply have not the time to spend with her and so she is going to stay with a suporter and behaviourist in lampeter until she can be put up for adoption.I am feeling in a high state of stress myself, I wonder would he take me on as well?

We may have a wonderful home f0r William one of the recently admitted horses, one of our supporters and fundraisers in Derbyshire has expressed an interest and it would be a fantastic home so Rosie is contacting her today with more details about him.
Yesterday I went to check on a local pony and I am very concerned about him.His owners have split up and there is now nobody living in the house , the pony is alone in the field, his companion having gone long since.He has a fat stomach(worms?) but his bones are sticking out on his haunches, a neighbour is keeping an eye on him and clearing ragwort from the field constantly as well as giving him fresh water but this is not her job to do so I have contacted the World Horse Welfare about the situation. The annoying thing here is that some months ago I was asked by the owners husband to take the two ponies to which I agreed only to have him ring and say they were ok and homes had been found! At the time I had room for them, things have changed since then otherwise I would have walked the pony here yesterday. If the Inspector needs help when he goes to visit, I can always offer temporary accommodation for the pony if needed.

At last a litter of kittens has arrived which are old enough to be rehomed, all the babies in foster homes have another 3 weeks before they will be ready, these are bonny 7 weeks old kittens - one has been adopted today and I think by the end of the weekend all will have found homes.

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netta said...

This thing with Freecycle seems to be regional! the Telford branch doesn't allow advertising of any animal or birds only fish