Friday, 6 May 2011

2 Cats lose one each of Their Nine Lives

Honey Lurcher  has been adopted, I can only hope that she does not miss her canine companions too much but her adoption means  that I can now take down the door barricades! Most of  the door handles have been placed upside down to fool those dogs like |Honey who are too clever for their own good but there was one handle which had not been changed and in order to stop her opening this and upsetting the cats, I devised a Cunning Plan. First I moved the exercise bike in front of the door and hung a shopping bag over the handles, then I placed the looped handle of a dog lead round the door handle and finally I pulled that taut, wrapped it round the bikes handlebars and finished off by clipping the end on to the shopping bag handles.Sorted! Only the trouble with this was that it not only prevented Honey from going through but  I was unable to leave the room myself  without taking fifteen minutes to take it all apart and that did pose somewhat of a problem when I needed to go the bathroom! The things I do for love!
I can scarcely believe that  the sponsored dog walk is almost upon us.(May 15 th) There are two hopes for the is that people DO turn up and secondly that it is neither raining nor too hot.Both can make walking uncomfortable for both people and dogs.This week I must sort out the refreshments for the day, one lady is donating some cakes for the weary walkers  and the commercial coffee pot  we use for such occasions needs to come out of storage .Mion and friend Elspeth are busy now doing stalls for us at various markets around the area and a substantial sum will soon be paid off our ever burgeoning Vet bill.Next time I go there I can walk tall knowing the bill is finally being paid off. They have been very good to us but I dislike owing money and it will be a relief to know that we have almost cleared the outstanding sum and I will not feel guilty anymore about sending animals in for various treatments.

Today I collected 2 cats from the Vet Surgery. Both had been in road traffic accidents and as yet have not been claimed. The pretty little black and white female(now named Purdey_) has had a horrendous blow to her face and sadly one eye could not be saved but she is being brave as only animals can be and if not claimed I have no doubt she will 'sell' herself to someone nice. The other cat is a friendly tabby and white neutered male who has cuts and bruising to face and body but is otherwise unharmed.Lucky boy! He has been named Alfie and appears to be a nice natured animal and maybe the fact that he is neutrered gives him a better chance than most of being claimed by his owner. Both pictured here.Also pictured are Eric and Roo , days after Erics operation to remove cancerous tissue on his ears. If looks could kill! Clearly he does not feel he is looking his best and is affronted at my audacity.Sorry Eric.


Tali said...

Funny Eric and Roo still eating, ages after I fed them!!! ;)

lesley said...

You must have given them an awful lot of food them!
Hope you not thinking this photo is a set up job?

lesley said...
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Tali said...

Hmm...Me thinks someone has given them more...maybe? No idea who though!