Monday, 9 May 2011

Gail is in The Wars.

A much quieter day today.A cat was returned after being  in its home for 7 months.Apparently he was bullying the other cats and even had a go at the family dog!It looks like Stevie will need a home without other pets. We also admitted a stray ginger female which I am sure will be claimed as she has been recently spayed, and a mother cat with newborn babies who hadd given birth under a tree.Mum is not feral but is very distressed and traumatised, I just hope she will not abandon her litter after the upset of being moved.It is not adviseable to move mums who have so recently given birth in case they reject their young and usually I advise people to leave well alone until the kittens are larger and more independent,  sometimes ,however, the situation is dangerous and action HAS  to be taken.In this case there was a dog which could have hurt or killed her and her offspring .

Mum is settling and nursing her babies but she is still very very scared, it is possible to stroke her and fuss her so we know she is not feral but she needs a lot of reassurance, she will not be going out to a foster home as is normal with mums and newborns, we cannot take the risk of her having another upset and maybe rejecting her young.
A young Welsh Collie has been admitted,Sam is a true Welsh Collie and therefore does not look like the stereotypical collie most people know and love. He is 15 months old, an ex farm dog but one who has had experience in a home, he is a really nice quiet animal which Vanessa will be very glad to know as she is fostering him! See Sam left.
Poor Gail has been bitten today by Champ the Jack Russell so that does not bode well for his future in a private home does it? She is leaving early to go to the hospital for antibiotics, last time she had a nip, she suffered quite badly with infection and bruising which lasted for quite a while.
Both Mei and I love Champ but neither of us are in a position to adopt him, Mei has chihuahuas at home and of course as always I have a houseful. Champ likes female dogs but not males and I have a mix of both so that would not work. I guess he will remain an office dog who has to be put in a dog cage everytime people visit.He is happy with that and he certainly enjoys his life, he is particularly fond of our other permanent resident Lucy the 11 years  cross jack Russell who also has a propensity for nipping strangers. I would love to see all the dogs in private homes but the truth of the situation is that understandably most people will not consider a dog with behavioural problems.Its such a shame for these dogs, I wish I could get through to them that they are their own worst enemies.
Does anybody know anyone who can read tarot cards or tell fortunes? I want to do a few different things this Open Day and that was one idea I thought may go down well. I was always sceptical until I had my own cards read at a Liverpool Open Day and was virtually told everything that came true within the following  month including my move to Wales! That was particularly strange as I had never lived anywhere but Crosby, Liverpool and at the age of 50 was not expecting to ever do so.I have much more of an open mind about such things nowadays.Of course I was hoping that I would be told what everyone else seems to be told by pyschics - that I would be meeting a tall dark, handsome stranger but no such luck, she didn't lie anyway, I certainly never did meet one  or indeed anyone remotely answering that description!

Earlier on today I had another missed photo opportunity - my life seems to be full of them at the moment. There were three crows sitting on the back of  a grey pony called Ross, they had their beaks full of shedding horse hair and were obviously nest building and had found a wonderful source of nesting material on the back of the pony.He was grazing, totally  unconcerned at his extra passengers and their frenetic activity. Clever Birds!

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