Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Foal In Distress and Roxy Finds love Again.

Having had a fantastic day out birdwatching in Anglesey I feel so much more relaxed today so I plan to continue the blog and when I feel particularly stressed I will ask someone else to take over for a while as I did this week.Thanks to everyone who emailed me to ask me to continue, I appreciated your thoughts and it is good to know that people enjoy reading it. Sometimes I look at other peoples blogs and they have so many followers especially those written about children and the day to day life of stay at home mums, the other popular ones seem to be those who are involved in art and craft type things.maybe I could introduce some of those issues in my blog. I wonder if I publish some of my doodling will it increase my followers? I can almost hear you all sigh and hoping desperately I stick to animal tales! Dont worry, if I struggle to find interesting facts to talk about on the blog at the moment  the pages would be blank if I had to conjure up anecdotes on domestic issues.
Over 70 species of birds were spotted yesterday around South Stacks and surrounding area and I saw my first Puffin. There was just one solitary Puffin in the water but I was pleased to see even one as this was the main reason I chose to go on this particular trip.I think Roy also enjoyed his day off, for once he had nothing to do but take pleasure in the wonderful views of the cliffs and the  multitude of birds nesting on them.

On my return home Mei told me that she had been involved with an issue regarding a local horse breeder whose foal was caught up in wire and fencing which he wascarrying like a collar around his neck(see photo) Both she and Vanessa had tried to free him but he was very shy and they were concerned that their intervention could cause the mare and  foal to panic and create a worse scenario, they could not find the owner so telephoned the World Horse Welfare, however    it appeared the owner must have arrived home soon afterwards because after going back to check on the youngster, the girls saw that the treacherous wire collar had been removed.
On the left hand photo you can see how tight the wire has become,how lucky this little chap was not to have lost his life.
This incident shows how important it is to keep any field clear of rubbish where animals are grazing though I must say that there is building work going on in this road and it may very well not have been the owner who caused this potentially fatal accident.
Whilst I am on the topic of horse breeders I am so very pleased to know that at long last there is awareness being raised against a farmer who indiscriminately breeds welsh ponies, most of which end up in the local horse sales after being rounded up.Few are sold to private homes and it has long been talked about
 by horse lovers in the area who have been incensed at the conditions these ponies are kept in. Our own orphaned foal Celt came from the same farm 4 years ago. Heres hoping that this will  herald the end of this particular     persons activities.

This morning the two yorkshire terriers have gone in to spayed and neutered and they should be off to their new home this weekend. Roxy the bulldog cross who came in with them and who has been fostered by Rosie has been brought in today to meet with her prospective new family and she has won over their hearts. She will be going to live with another Freshfields dog Tess and a freshfields cat also.Pictured above with her new family and  below with new pal  Tess. Dont they look good together.She will be the fourth pet Alison has adopted from Freshfields.What a good advert she is for us.

The two yorkies have returned from their ordeal and to be honest they do not even look as though they have had operations.They were waiting for me with wagging tails, full of beans and not a care in the world! Considering they are not young(10 yrs and 11 yrs) I am amazed at how well they have coped with it.Tilly is a little less lively but again not too bad at all so she will be well enough to go with her new family tomorrow.
One of our middle aged cats Jeremy appears to have had a stroke, he is not looking so good at all so we will see how he goes today and if no improvement he may have to have a visit to the vet surgery in the morning. Poor Jeremy.
Eric and Roos new people have contacted me to say they are collecting them tomorrow on their way back home to Shropshire.There is always good news in amongst the bad.Thats what stops us all from becoming too maudlin.
A neighbour passing by on her horse rang to say one of our horses was having difficulty standing, it was Morris the arthritic bay so Vanessa has checked on him but he was probably just a bit stiff from lying down. nevertheless   I appreciated the fact that  neighbour H was concerned enough to contact us.(no It wasnt HH, AS IF!) We all need to look out for each other and we would do the same if we saw a problem with her horses .

It has turned out to be a warm sunny day here which is a great relief from the high winds and constant rain. The wild flowers are appearing everywhere so I need to get out my wildflower book again; each year I identify several species and the following year I forget them all and so it goes on.Still it keeps me off the streets!

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