Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cross eyed Monty Finds a Home

A little old lady from the dog pound has joined Paddy and Patch(they are both so good with new dogs coming into their space and this sweet  old girl has just fitted  in so easily. I think she could be aged between 13 and 15 years and she is in good condition apart from being in season.That poses a problem, if she has been caught by a lascivious male dog then she will have pups which at her age could kill her , if I have  her spayed she may not survive the anaesthetic.Its a quandary, I will take her to the vet tomorrow and ask advice.Also admitted today is a 6 months old springer spaniel which Gail is going to foster once he has been to the vet for a check up.I am worried about his back legs, he walks oddly and I am wondering if he has hip Dysplasia.He was bred and then sold to a man of 85 yrs who died leaving him homeless!

Finally today there has been some interest in the kittens, I was beginning to think none were ever going to leave here! Two little kitties are leaving for a life in Anglesey and there is another person coming this week to see them.I hope this will be the start of a big spate of cat adoptions.
We are all delighted about another cat finding a home - Cross eyed Monty see here on left  was spotted on the website and he has gone to live with four other felines and their carers. We all thought Monty was great and loved his unusual appearance so its good that someone else agreed with us enough to offer him a home.
Little old dog now named Pippa has been to the vet and she has been given an injection to prevent puppies, she has to go back tomorrow for another.Springer Max is being neutered on thursday so we have decided he can been found have his legs/hips checked at the same time. Two more lurcher/greyhouds have been found, one on  a local beach, no ID of course, we have had to put one in a local kennels and the other  has a foster home already so there is either time for the owner to claim him or another home to be found for him He is a very pretty fawn colour and the other we have named Teddy is similar to the Dog Pound lurcher(could they be siblings?) What is going on with these dogs? Probably the nice weather has all the lurcher boys out hunting and they are probably of the attitude  if one fails to return it is no good as a working dog! Of course I am just assuming this because there is no way I could ever understand the mindset of these killers of the countryside.

Mary lamb has joined our three resident sheep and is more than happy to be with her own kind. See the photo of her shortly after they were all  introduced to each other. In the next field Caradog and Phoebe are very interested in the new arrival.  Vanessa rode Caradog yesterday and it was felt that with a little more schooling he would be suitable to go to a home with an experienced rider. What we really need is someone willing to take on the pair as they are very close to one another. They are  both far too healthy and fit to spend their lives here and we need all the space we can get for the infirm and needy animals which need sanctuary for the remainder of their lives.

The photo of dear old Noddy is not advertising his demise! The old man is simply having a snooze in the sun and is completely oblivious to any activity going on around him, like any senior citizen he likes his afternoon siesta, at the age of 38 he is the equivalent of a  100 year old human being!
I have just ordered the catering for the Open Day, I hope I get it right this year. The first year I  failed to order enough food, last year I ordered too much, will it be right this time? I know some people were unhappy about there being nothing other than vegetarian /vegan options but in truth I  but I cannot justify    serving meat at an animal shelter which also rescues farm animals and it goes against the ethics of the charity. (and my own personal beliefs) so hopefully it will be tasty enough to assuage everyones hunger pangs and that visitors will understand the reasoning behind the decision. Are there any people out there who can bake cakes for the day? I would be very happy to hear from you if you could help in this way.

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roy said...

Hi Lesley I had not heard that word before 'lasivious' where do you find them. Had to look in dictionary to see if it was a word and what it meant although I had guessed