Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Lamb is Rescued from Drowning

I am thrilled to hear that Eric and Roo are settling happily, I have been sent photos of them in the enclosed garden in their  new home, and of Roo enjoying a rest on the sofa. The Tortoishell cat is Scrappy who is also a Freshfields cat, she has lived there for a few years now - we still have her (very)timid daughters Zoe and Ziggy. If you look carefully at her photo you will just about see Eric in hiding at the back, have a good life boys!

Pepsi and Sandy yorkies  have said goodbye to Paddy and Patch and left us for .the next phase of their life which they will be spending in  the wonderfully named Strawberry Lane  though this one is located  in Wilmslow not Liverpool.I had thought I would be glad when they went because they are such lively little dogs ( And I do like my evenings to be peaceful)but this was not the case at all. In fact I had to walk away to avoid seeing them leave.  Silly, by now I should be more than  used to saying a farewell to my temporary charges but in fact it seems to affect me more than ever, I can remember my mum telling me that as she grew older, she became more sensitive and emotional than when she was young. I am inclined to agree with her sentiments.

Williiam is able to move his leg today though is still on stable rest .A friend has suggested dosing him with a homeopathic remedy and I am all for trying anyhting which might help. Certainly I have experienced the physical and mental health of some animals improving drastically after being treated homeopathically so nothing lost nothing gained.

We had an emergency admission this afternoon, in the shape of a little lamb which was in shock after being found up to her neck in water, unable to move tosave herself from drowning. By sheer chance supporters of ours Sue and her family were walking near the estuary when she was spotted by son Rowan and subsequently  rescued. After drying her off at home they brought her to the shelter where she is now recovering from her ordeal.
.It is possible she was cut off by the tide or fell into the water and then found it impossible to climb back out, there were no other sheep around so  they must have been moved to a different area and this little one mistakenly was left behind.Perhaps she was already stuck by then? She is very weak and hungry but is already tucking greedily into the hay we have placed beside her. My main worry is that having been immersed in water for a long time, there is always a chance she will develop pneumonia so we will keep her as warm as possible today and hope for the best.
The staff have named  her  Mary.

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