Sunday, 12 June 2011

A good weekend for dogs

What a pleasure it is walking dogs on a nice sunny day, as I walk I take in the wild flowers and the insects buzzing about and although I probably have identified them all at sometime, I seldom can remember so have to look them up yet again in one of my many books about nature. My memory is so bad I put it down to having an overload of information in the brain! I will shoot anyone who says it is my age! I have always had a poor memory and inability to retain information which is what has made it so hard writing a book about the past.Much of it was already written down in diary form but I have had to really search my memory for certain bits of information. Speaking of this, I have backed out of the current arrangement with an agent because  the publishers have asked for it to be changed to just the happy stories and that is not the story of a sanctuary. I have no intention of writing  all doom and gloom  and there are lots of funny tales but I want it to be a true story, not a shmaltzy fictitious type one. I am disappointed because both Linda and I had put a lot into it but this is not the path I want to take  and I had already made some compromises so I will once again be looking at the self publishing angle.I feel I am back to square one again.

Bella the middle aged collie went to her home today , she has gone to someone who already has a cat from Freshfields and Bella has proved to be really good with the cats here.

Its been a hectic day today, Blue the whippet was brought to the shelter by his foster mum to meet his new people who had travelled all the way  from Plymouth to collect their new friend. His Foster mum says he is the best dog she has looked after and they will be getting a cracking new pet, she was very tempted to keep him but knows if she did that she wouldn't be able to help others.I was so pleased she said that , we have lost so many foster homes this way.Pictured are Virginia and husband  Grahame with Blue.

Rosie the timid little collie from the Pound has also found a loving home with a couple from Cheshire, Rosie and their old dog Bruno got on famously which bodes well for their future together. She is the one I will worry about most of all because she is so nervous and I live in terror of such dogs going awol from their new homes, never to be seen again. When they are so shy they will be unlikely to go to strangers so I always stress the need to be extra extra careful and vigilant wih them.

Even Sweep the five years old collie who has had no previous interest shown in him has been reserved so it has been a very uplifting day.

4  dogs out this weekend and just one in - a 9 weeks old lurcher pup was admitted after his owner decided to give her up when his wife gave birth two days ago! Unbelievably this was her  second home, he had been with another man who gave her up for the same reason! 

No cats have been adopted unfortunately but two litters of kittens have arrived, the first litter of 3 was born to a feral cat on a farm but luckily, mum moved to a neighbours home to have her babies and now the babies will be safe and we are arranging to have the mother cat spayed as well as another female cat on the farm.

The second litter came from foster mum Mion who has been caring for them since they were three weeks old. All kittens are adoptable age so now all we need are the homes.

If you read this and see no photos check again later because I will be posting them after I have had something to eat. Its a matter of prioritising!


Sue said...

Good luck with the book Lesley. I am presently half way through a book called "Hoping For a Home" by Janie Ritson. Very similar story to how yours will eventually be. Up to now I have cried in every chapter, either from happiness or sadness because as you say any animal rescue story contains both good and bad news. Cant wait to read yours :o)

kim said...

Oh how lovely to see Blu has a forever home. I have printed off the posters for the Open Day and will be sending hubby off to work tomorrow to pin them up. Keep up the great work.see you very soon.