Sunday, 19 June 2011

The end of a quiet(ish) Weekend

It has been a lovely day today but very quiet, no adoptions at all.Max the young springer went yesterday to live in Southport near the beach and sand dunes so he will thoroughly enjoy that and he has another springer as a friend so his life shpould definitely improve from now on. Sweep the 5 years old collie who has been reserved has been taken for several days out by his new people who are in this area om holiday, so he has been having a wonderful time.They are cutting their holiday short so they can take him home and get him settled in. It has been a good bonding time for them all and Sweep is now totally enamoured of his new carers.
I had an email from someone who saw the bit in the blog about the disabled kitten and she has sent me an article about kittens with ' swimmers syndrome' something to which I confess I have never heard.Of course it could be one of the many facts I once stored in the old memory bank and which has long since been lost!Anyhow this was a very interesting article and I feel this may very well be the kittens problem. It is called by this name due to the action the kitten makes whilst trying to move the splayed out back legs,the good news is that it may be rectified in a very simple way. Once he has been diagnosed correctly by the vet I will write more about this syndrome. I learn a little more every day!

I couldn't resist taking a video of the cats waiting for lunch! many of those shown are ferals, as you can no doubt tell as they run for cover when I approach too closely.These cats are those which have the free run of the shelter and what a life they have! Food on tap from the Dinner Ladies ,warm cosy beds and lots of interesting places to explore with no traffic to dodge
either.What more could a feral cat desire?

I had a very disturbing telephone call this morning which was so upsetting I will not tell you but once again I feel incensed at the stupidity of those who have babies and toddlers but bring to the home ,a large breed dog known for being a difficult breed. There was no fatality but if I could get that dog away I would do so immediately.Sometimes I wish that people had to take a responsibility questionaire before being allowed a pet.Come to think of it some people could do with one before they become parents!

We had no prospective adopters today but a visit from 2 lots of supporters and it is always good to see them. When I first started the shelter here in Wales, I despaired of ever rallying support for the work here so I appreciate each and every supporter we have. I don't like it when I receive apologies for the fact that someone may not be able to contribute much or help much in other ways because it is true that every little helps and I would never ever be blase about such help.I can never envisage a time when we would not need or welcome our supporters.It is not just monetary contributions or helping hands on with the animals but the emotioal support also.Just knowing that there are other people who care about the welfare of animals and who believe that we, as a charity are doing our best to help, can boost morale so much. So now you know how important each and every one of you are to us.

Ps: you will wonder where the video is! Well for some reason I was unable to upload it so will try again tomorrow.Apologies.Photos instead of Oscar the cat which had been here for two years, was adopted and returned 24 hours later for jumping on a worktop (in his new home he can jump on them all he likes)he looks so contented sleeping next to his new owner, -and then there is nervous Rosie collie in the garden of her new home,(love the piggies!) we have updates regularly on her progress and she is coming on in leaps and bounds. .

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