Monday, 10 August 2009

A stray collie and more kittens find homes.

Over the weekend 5 more kittens were homed.This is wonderful, we were able to give shelter to another litter of five today.Someone also turned up with a young white and tabby cat claiming it was a stray, somehow I felt he was their cat.I dont know why people lie, it doesnt make any difference to me whether the cat is a stray or their own pet, either way it is unwanted and potentially homeless.Is it guilt maybe?
Its a cold wet day today and I have been reading the blog written by Janice who runs the pig sanctuary in Maple Ridge Vancouver, they have been struggling with a heat wave!!! At this moment in time I cannot even imagine what that must be like though with animals there are of course some disadvantages.Even on our infrequent sunny days we have to put sunscreen on the pink noses of some of the horses and our pink pig especially can suffer from sunburn very easily.The water has to be used constantly to top up the mudbath for the pigs when the heat becomes too much for them and this keeps them cool and happy.
I forgot to mention in a previous post that I DID take Mei to hospital, she has a torn ligament and has to wear a splint on her wrist for two weeks.Unfortunately as she is right handed and the injury is on that side she is unable to do much manual work for the time being.
Blue the old pony with the dental problem is looking really good now, he has gained weight and is eating well again.Finn, One of the youngsters out at summer grazing is becoming a little wild due to lack of human contact.Although the staff visit to check twice weekly(the staff at the hotel keep an eye on them also)unlike the other three who were virtually hand reared, he has not had the same human contact so needs more handling.We will be taking the four back at the shelter in the next 6 weeks so there will be more opportunity to handle him on a daily basis.They are all due now to be gelded but we will have that done when they return to the shelter, whilst there is a possibility of flies buzzing around it is not a good time to have the operation.
Pictured here are the three at Caernarfon(the ones reported to RSPCA!!!!)Callie the dark bay is now 36 years old and is the bossy boots of the three, she is very protective over Freddie and will chase Ken away.Ken(the grey in the front) has somebody interested in him as a companion to another horse and I think he will be happier in that situation.Callie and Freddy have been close to one another for several years and theirs is a frienship excluding all others.Whilst we were p[icking the ragwort in their field, I kept my camera to hand as p[arts of the field are a haven for butterflies including the little blue butterfly pictured here which was the only one I managed to photograph before it flew away. I thiunk it is a common blue but none of my books show the colour of the underwings so Im not too sure.
I have taken in a little terrier cross whose owner wanted put to sleep.I feel responsible because I put the owner in touch with the person who owned Sam and had thought it was working well until the phone call to say that he was terrorising the adult daughter(a possessive trait perhaps?)Anyhow the Liverpool shelter kindly arranged for him to be collected from his wirral home and delivered him here to Wales where I will assess his behaviour.
I have just had a call from a woman in Porthmadog to say she had found a young collie running about, having agreed to take the dog her husband told me in no uncertain terms that they were far too busy to bring him to me and would not even take him to the police station or our charity shop which is just a short walk from where they were. What exactly do people expect? Obviously for me to drop everything and race to their aid.Anyway Trish from our shop is going to walk up and try to find them.I hope she finds the dog, if not them.
Two more kittens have gone today, we really are doing well now and it is so heartening. Sharon the receptionist at our vet rang to say a ginger cat had been taken in as a stray but had tested positive for FIV.I have no more room for such a cat as I still have the 3 FIV adults and two kittens in one pen.Luckily Liverpool has agreed to take him so will need now to organise a temporary pen for him here and then to arrange transport to Freshfields in Liverpool.
Just had a call, Trish has the stray collie so am off to collect him.

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