Monday, 3 August 2009

2 More kittens homed.

Yippee, the Cardiff people came back and took two little black kittens so a total of five went at the weekend.It really cheers us all up when this happens.Heres hoping the renewed interest continues and it would be lovely if some of the adult cats go too.Pictured are the two male rabbits we have admitted, they have been neutered so they may be able to stay together as a pair.As long as they show no aggression towards each other they should be happy.Years ago I had a rabbit which I tried desperately to pair up with a companion but he persisted in attacking every female I put in with him so reluctantly I came to the decision he would have to stay on his own(not something I am happy with) The following day I discovered him snuggled up with another male rabbit which had tunnelled into his enclosure from the adjoining pen.My gay bunnies remained the best of friends and eventually they were found a loving home together.
I have just had someone come for a dog but when asked admitted the dog would sleep in a kennel and that their dogs had never wanted to live in the house.Funny that- in 32 years of taking in all sorts of dogs, including working gundogs and sheepdogs, there has NEVER been one which preferred to live outside! I make no apology for the fact that any dog I rehome goes to live as a family pet, why would I want to place one in any other type of home when most that I rescue have come from lives where they have been kept outside and I want to improve their lot in life, not simply replace one prison for another. I do admit there are dogs kept outside in good conditions, even heated sheds and runs and who are exercised regularly but I remain firm in the belief that a dog should be one of the family.
One of the outside feral cats is looking very frail, she is pretty ancient and although she has been here 6 years I have never been able to touch her, she remains totally wild.She came from Liverpool city centre, one of several rescued by a caring cat lover.This must have seemed like paradise to her when she arrived, it is wonderful for cats, there is so much for them to do and places to go and no worries of traffic.It is a pity there are not more places for feral cats to be homed safely.Unmfortunately I have so many I am unable to take any more but If I had loads of money I would buy another smallholding ,somewhere remote with land just to take in ferals and keep them safe from harm. Some of the feral cats here are pictured at feeding time.The old girl is the tabby at the front right of photo.

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