Saturday, 29 August 2009

Gel enjoys his holiday

A quieter day today but still more kittens are reserved and there is a chance of another adult going too.Steve and his partner already have two of our cats and he is very taken with Jaffa a lovely pale ginger and also 2 friends Hannah black and Harvey Moon. He has yet to discuss it with his partner but I have high hopes of at least one going.
I have heard from Gels new family today and it seems he enjoyed his time in Tenby where they stayed for a few nights but is now back home in Hampshire where he is a bit bewildered by his very different change in circumstances . It is a scary time for an ex farm dog unused to living in a house and hearing the sounds of everyday life within those walls.Like the others who have traversed this path before him, it will take some time for him to become accustomed to it and there may be some problems on the way like the television which bemuses him a bit(it has the same effect on me!)but I am sure in no time at all it will be as though he has lived indoors all his life.Dear Gel is pictured on the beach in Barmouth with his new "dad".All the animals are dear to us but some have a very special place in our hearts and Gel is one of those so to know that from now on he will enjoy the luxury of being a loved pet instead of an old discarded farm machine is just so heartwarming.
Minnie and Georgie Girl, the mother and daughter shetlands are being cared for at the moment by Rosie at her homeand this week they had to be moved to another field.Now that may sound a simple matter to deal with but Minnie who has had a history of neglect and ill treatment prior to arriving here with her newborn foal,is an absolute nightmare to catch and to move anywhere. We could do with a horse whisperer here.There are many techniques to use with nervous animals like this and we have tried some with some measure of improvement.What she really needs is someone to work with her on a daily basis instead of just when we have time. She is happy enough left alone but the problems arise when the farrier visits or she needs veterinary attention or even as found this week,needing to move her from place to place.Then it becomes difficult.Pictured are Rosie and her friend leading the pair into another field after much high jinks trying to catch her.Minnie is the chestnut looking away from Rosie as though she has fallen out with her and is refusing to speak in protest, which of course she is!Daughter Georgie having been brought up in our care is outgoing and confident, the product of kind handling.What a difference it makes.
Barbara is travelling to Yorkshire this week to bring back the horse trailer which has kindly been donated to us by the couple who adopted the two collies George and Jess.They have checked it over and it appears roadworthy still -they were unsure about this as it has been standing in a field for quite a while. It will save us some money when we have to move our horses so I am very grateful for the offer.

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