Monday, 17 August 2009

Jess and george have a makeover.

Jess and George have now been bathed, deflead and wormed and how lovely they look now.Rosie and Vanessa took time off from caring for the horses to work on them and weere horrified to find that George whose white neck looked particularly discoloured had been bleeding from flea bites.Both dogs were literally covered with thousands of fleas.I have only seen one dog as bad as these in all the years I have been doing animal rescue work.How they must have been suffering with this horrendous infestation.They were so patient during the whole operation and seemed to enjoy the attention they were receiving.Pictured is Jess in the middle of her grooming session.I have telephoned the prospective owners to tell them how sweet natured these dogs are and they will be travelling down from Yorkshire on Saturday. Incredibly I have had several offers of a home for the two together and I thought it would be difficult.
Nobody has turned up for the Jack Russell yet!
I have received a call from a girl wanting to get rid IMMEDIATELY of a 12 weeks kitten which is VICIOUS.It has been with her family since it was six weeks old but has scratched her son and her and there is no way she is hanging on to it.I told her to bring it in straight away,I cant wait to see this vicious creature.
Kitten is NOT vicious so has obviously been mishandled in the home.He was initially aggressive on arrival(he didnt know what to expect from us) but today he is fine and behaving totally normally.Kittens and puppies are never a good idea with young children unless the children have been brought up to respect animals and even then it is hard to oversee every move little ones make.Sometimes they just want to cuddle baby animals but are too rough and then the animal becomes defensive leading to it being blamed for its aggressive attitude when all it is doing is protesting at mistreatment.
A ferret has been admitted after walking into someones kitchen.I have booked him in to the vet to be neutered, he is not the sweetest natured ferret I have known but neutering can make a difference so he is going next week to get his bits off.He is starving and I suspect he has been used for rabbiting rather than being a pet.I have named him Roy so no doubt Roy will be in touch asking if I think he has ferret ways or features,If he reads this, Roy I thought of your name as you have fostered several ferrets for me and not for any other reason.

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