Saturday, 22 August 2009

Jess and George leave us and Misty arrives.

I dont know why it is but some days seem longer than others and today is such a day.It is 6pm and I feel as though I have been up and about for 24 hours!!
Well today the Uzzells from Yorkshire travelled up for the 2 collies in their oh so beautiful horsebox which we all coveted like mad.Jess and George were initially a little wary but soon rallied round and began to make a fuss of them. Tonight they will be sleeping with them in the horsebox and they will be leaving for home early tomorrow.Its a perfect home for dogs like these, lots of space(70 acres) and other dogs to play with.No more living outside and braving the elements for these lucky dogs.In the course of the conversation they mentioned (the people, not the dogs)that they have an old trailer not in use, well actually I was drooling over their horsebox and moaning that we had to hire a horse trailer to move any of our horses. They are going to check it over when they return home as it has been standing unused for several years but hopefully as it is a good Ifor Williams vehicle,it will still be roadworthy.Anyhow if it is, we will go up to collect it.Heres hoping that it is ok, we really do need a horse trailer for emergencies but even second hand ones are beyond our means right now.
A ginger and white cross collie called Misty(pictured here) will be taking their place. Misty has been living outside on a chain for some time and we received a call from a social worker to ask for our help.The owner had moved house and the dog was desperately in need of a home.She is overjoyed to be off the chain and with company but is rather exuberant as are most dogs when they first realise they can run freely without restriction.Unfortunately she is in season so I will not be able to have her spayed as quickly as I would like, nor does she seem to like cats so she may have to be moved to a foster home.We will see how she goes over the next few days.
We were visited this morning by little Minnie Yorkshire terrier, now called Tina and her people who caravan in this area and often pop up to see us.Sandra and her husband have Monty another of our rescued Yorkies and it is always a joy to see them looking so well and happy.We all love to see or animals in good homes and enjoy them visiting,its a real morale boost for us.
2 kittens have been homed today,and there are 4 being admitted tomorrow. Still no homes being offered to the adult cats but who know what tomorrow will bring?
The two rabbits have gone to a home today so providing they get on with their resident female rabbit they will not be returned.Rabbits are so unpredictable,its impossible to say whether they will be a good match until they actually meet and establish a viable pecking order! I am waiting for the news, will they stay or will they go?

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