Thursday, 20 August 2009

4 cats saved from destruction at vets.

I long for the rain to stop, the fields are getting waterlogged, today there has been a little sun but most of my lovely container plants are ruined - Lynn at the local garden centre says its been a terrible summer for her, she has lost many plants herself. There is no doubt there is a real need for an animal shelter in this area of Wales and the surrounding countryside is incredibly beautiful and scenic but oh how I wish I had emigrated all those years ago when I had the chance.When I married at the age of 27, we made plans to emigrate to South Africa but my mothers health and the apartheid situation eventually made me decide to stay put.I dont regret that particular decision ,I could never have coped with leaving mum and seeing racial segregation at work but perhaps a different country with a good climate would have been nice - to wake up in the morning to see the sun shining would make one so much more enthusiastic about the rest of the day!
I had a call from a vet surgery in Dolgellau, 3 cats had been taken in for destruction,thankfully one was taken home by one of the vets and the other two have been neutered and collected by Dorothy a new foster parent who will care for them until we have space here.With so few adults going out it is becoming hard to cope with all the cats needing shelter in this area.They appear to be about 18months old and are siblings, one tortie and white and a black and white.Dorothy says they are friendly and homeable.
Another cat which was FIV positive (feline Aids) was taken to a different vet for destruction, he is a lovely ginger with an equally lovely nature.We had no room here in Wales so Barbara took him to the Liverpool shelter yesterday where he will be advertised for a home.Both Freshfields shelters have several FIV cats and neither of us have had any luck recently rehoming them. There are people willing to take them on but they are understandably rather thin on the ground so these cats may have a long wait in our shelters before a suitable home turns up.Better a long wait than an untimely end at the vet!They could have years of good quality life ahead of them.
There are two kittens left from the litter pictured a few days ago and a few others have been homed also, though another litter has been admitted.Thats the way it goes.
The Anglesey ponies are being brought in at night now, the evenings are becoming colder and one or two are showing signs of feeling the cold.The ex owner is still fighting for her day in court with me so I am now collating the evidence to send to her solicitor and we have also downloaded(or is it uploaded?)the video evidence from a mobile phone to the computer.This piece of footage is very distressing to watch as it shows just how much pain these horses were in when they were admitted.I really could do without this business but when the public are involved there are are always going to be problems from time to time and I am aware that I just have to get on with it, deal with it the best way possible and try not to let it affect me on a personal and emotional level which is often easier said than done.
Today I had a new visitor to the garden, a willow warbler who only stayed a short time on a branch of a tree and then flew off but not before I managed to get my binoculars to identify him. Its not often I see anything other than chaffinches and blue tits so I get quite excited much to Meis amusement. She thinks it hilarious that she so often finds me crouching behind bushes or crawling along the ground in a often futile attempt to spot one of our feathered friends or an unusual insect. I tell her that I too used to scorn this type of behaviour and thought my mother and aunt(who did much the same)were totally eccentric and boring.Now I find I do the same myself and I warn Mei that one day she too will find herself with a pair of binoculars trained on her bird table,Of course she will not believe it!Did I mention her wrist is still very sore and causing her much pain, she has a new cast on it and is waiting for an MRI scan to decide whether it may need an operation - it looks as if she will not be doing much heavy work for a while..

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