Tuesday, 11 August 2009

2 stray dogs admitted.

Belated photo of the converted stables at the Open Day.Within a half hour of opening, this area was completely packed.We used these stables for the refreshments, a cafe and book shop!The book shop did incredibly well, there were customers in there all the time.As an avid reader myself it was a great temptation to hide myself away in there and I must admit the following day I did lock myself in there for a browse.
The dog collected yesterday is a young cross labrador/collie.I have reported him to the police and the dog warden but as yet nobody has come forward to claim him. He is a lovely friendly happy dog (pictured here in a rare moment of inactivity though that was more down to Rosie holding him firmly than by choice)! we have named him Sam (due to lack of imagination) and he is enjoying life in the house with Molly and pals. He is a bit of a handful with a tendency to prefer to be on the kitchen units rather than on the floor.This creates somewhat of a problem to me as my daily attempts to housekeep and emulate a Stepford wife invariably ends up with me piling the ironing in a large pile on one of the units with the intention of moving it a little nearer to the ironing board in the not too distant future.Now it is all back on the floor so has to be washed all over again. A lesson learned possibly?And before anybody says "thats funny I didnt know she was married I am not, I just thought Stepford PERSON sounded sounded wrong"
Another collie was brought in during the evening, this time an older female, neither dog had any identification on them so it will be a Waiting Game. Will the owners turn up or will they not?Its anybodys guess.
The other Sam we are assessing appears to have taken a particular shine to Mei, I come second in his popularity poll and the rest of the staff are not even down on his list!.I feel he does probably have a possessive streak and is a one man dog so he is going to be a very difficult dog to place in a home.
2 more kittens have been taken into one of our charity shops so will be fostered by Mion until we have a space here.

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