Saturday, 15 August 2009

More kittens and Collies

Neither dog was claimed, Sam the younger one pictured in the last blog has a home already, he has been reserved by a lady in Derbyshire who is collecting him next weekend.I have had a lot of interest in him so maybe the other people will take other dogs.A farmer brought 2 collies here yesterday, 5 years old siblings Jess and George who show no interest working, I asked him for a donation but he had nothing with him but promised to send something - I wont hold my breath.As he was leaving he said his friend had a dog he no longer had any use for, would I take that one too.I really had to fight to stay calm and civil.The outer me was polite and said his friend should ring me, the inner me was shrieking words of abuse which I am unable to type here in case my blog is taken off the site for containing offensive material!!!!
Anyhow I already have a possible home for these two, all being well they will be going to live together, with other rescued dogs on a smallholding in Yorkshire.They have no idea how their lives are about to change for the better.I had them out for a walk this morning and they cowered every time I stopped to speak to them.Oh well, in a few days they will be different dogs, they will hear no harsh words here and they have a bright future ahead of them.
A beautiful litter of kittens has been brought in from a caravan site, they are such characters and full of joy and mischief.It was hard to get a photo of them as they are so lively and outgoing, every time I opened the pen door to take a photo they all came tumbling out.I dont think they will be here long.
Just one adult cat has been homed this week, Scully a 10 years old male was chosen to join a family consisting of one human and 3 rescued lurchers(all cat friendly) and I have had a call today requesting an older cat of which we have a few so it looks as though the adult cats are starting to move as well as the kittens.One lady took 3 of our adorable kittens this week.I cant explain what a relief it is when our animals start to go to homes, when weeks go by and nobody comes to view them it becomes a bit scary and very worrying.There are so many urgent calls to take in animals and if the cats already here are not moving then we have no room to take more.A tiny bedraggled kitten has been found and taken in to our Porthmadog shop so Mion once again has come to the rescue to foster him.What would we do without her?She is truly brilliant, she cares for so many orphaned kittens and has so much patience with them though I know that the downside for her is that she finds it hard parting with them when the time comes for them to leave.
Its time for me to do the afternoon feeds for the cats now, the multitude is already gathering around the yard waiting impatiently for me to appear at the office door. Anyone would think this is a cat sanctuary!! I am on a go slow today as I tripped and fell very badly yesterday and have a bruise the size of a rugby ball on the side of my head . It is like having the worst type of hangover without having had anything to drink.Not that the cats care, its dinner time no matter what else happens and they must be obeyed. Cats Rule.

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