Saturday, 1 August 2009

Pretty Copper finds a home

This week has passed in a kind of haze as the buzz of the Open Day fades into a distant memory.It has been hard to get back into the daily routine again.The photos of the Winners at the Dog show should now be posted on the freshfields website
It was a little disappointing that not one animal was reserved on that day but today three kittens went to homes which was a real boost.having said that one little stray tortie was admitted but still, at least they have started to move.There is a possibility one or two may go tomorrow also, - a family from Cardiff visited and may return for these.Fingers crossed.
We admitted two rabbits also this week and they seem to have nice natures. I will take some photos of them anmd start advertising them.The last bunny we had (the one with the overgrown teeth(malaclusion) was given a home by one of the volunteers at our fundraising day.If this dental problem is misspelled I apologise.There are 2 more on the waiting list, its strange that months go by without one request for us to take in rabbits, then they all seem to come along at the same time.
Roy, the kelpie has gone, I am currently trying to find a home for a beautiful mastiff called Daisy, there is someone interested in her already and then there are three collies which need to be placed in local foster homes as soon as there is space.Now the Big Day is over I can concentrate on home finding once again.
The big news this week is that we have homed a horse on our loan scheme.Copper(pictured here) one of the only two Anglesey ponies now fit enough to be moved on has gone to a home in the Nefyn area.She is a beautiful pony and has been the subject of much admiration whilst she has been at the shelter.As usual I kept away from the horse trailer, I hate to see them leave here, it makes me feel guilty. It is just as well that she has gone because there are 4 of our ponies out on loan which are very likely to come back to us in the near future as the circumstances of the new carer have unforeseeably changed rather drastically.We will have to look for more homes for them, all four are fit enough to be homed though they will have to stay in pairs as they are bonded now.Heather and Padddy are shetland ponies (mother and son)and Dids and Buster are very attractive chestnuts but unsuitable for riding.I will put their photos back on the website as soon as I find the time.
Blue has now had his dental work done and should now start to eat more normally, his weight is still low but he has already gained a few pounds.He is on a special diet, prepared especially for him.All the ponies were seen this week by our farrier(another big expense) so everything is as it should be, happy horses with happy feet!

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Janice Gillett said...

I love this blog, the honesty and love oozing from every word is gold!