Sunday, 23 August 2009

A home is found for Gel.

Yesterday afternoon we were visited by a couple from Hampshire who were here for a wedding in Beddgelert.They had been to their local shelters wanting a collie but there were none available so they thought they might find one here in Wales.The only one we have at the moment is Gel,a middle aged dog with a hip problem who needs daily pain killers. We brought him out with little hope that he would appeal but guess what, he did- they thought he was lovely.Tomorrow he will be leaving us and it will pull at our heart strings because he was such a very sad dog when he arrived and we all thought he would be here for life.Its wonderful to think he will have a a loving home of his own.He truly deserves it,he has gone from being chained up for years and badly neglected to a happy affectionate animal who has really enjoyed his time at the shelter but now he has an even better home to live in,one where he will receive ALL the attention and where he can spend cold winter days lying in front of a warm fire.This is what I wish for all our dogs. They will be getting a passport for him as soon as they can because Gel will be wintering with them in Spain next year and subsequent years.Good luck Gel, we will miss you but we are all so happy for you.
Two more kittens have gone to homes, two been admitted and a feral cat rehomed so not a bad weekend at all.Its strange that today is appalling weather,we have experienced torrential rain all day and we are all soaked to the skin but it has been so busy.On a day like this I would have expected nobody to turn up, I know I would prefer to be warm and cozy indoors!
Mei and Barbara are bringing some of the ponies in to dry them off and give them a feed. If this rain keeps up their rugs will have to go back on,its not just the oldies who feel the cold but some of the thinner coated ponies like William and Blue are unhappy in this type of weather. Its like a winters day today and the ponies are racing in to the stables, I dont blame them.
The other piece of good news is that the rabbits seem to be ok with their new friend, we have lent an exercise run so that they can get to know each other on neutral territory but so far so good.
I think I will go and dry off too,my clothes are making me feel chilly, a nice hot cup of tea seems an appealing option right now.

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