Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Blue stays just two hours with us!

The new collie arrived(pictured here) but there was a home waiting for him and two hours later he was off to Barmouth for a 4 day holiday before travelling home to Worcestershire! Blue,a handsome blue merle collie has been in rescue kennels(notours) waiting for a home for over two months.Rosie had planned to foster him but then I remembered I had someone on our waiting list for a collie.They have had a collie previously which had died and they were thrilled to meet Blue.If ever people and dog were wellmatched it was those three.
Also reserved is the stray Jack Russell"Mason" who was never claimed, he will be neutered tomorrow ready to be adopted and someone is coming to view Misty on Wednesday though she is not ready to go yet as she is still in season.Two kittens have been rehomed today,a pretty older kitten and the last of the chocolate box babies pictured a few days ago.There is Still nobody wanting aduilt cats ,its always quiet when there are so many kittens about so they probably will not start moving until late September.
I took some more photos of William the Wonderdog last night but then felt I was showing favouritism so took some of the Yorkies as well.The Maggie Marthas are in the front and 15 years old Suzie is asleep at the back of them.Amazing to think their combined ages of the yorkies are 58!!!
It has been decided definitely that we are bringing the 4 young ponies back to the shelter a week on tuesday, on this day we will have plenty of helpers and we will need them to catch the four ready for transporting them home.As they have not been handled daily since they have been at their summer home, they have become very wary and frisky and of course now their testicles have dropped their testesterone is rampant.The sooner we can have them gelded the better and the calmer they will become.
A few weeks ago I nominated our lovely Equine Dentist Andre for an IFAW animal welfare award,last week I had a call to say he had been shortlisted and yesterday I received another call to say that he was the one to receive the award.Ihope he will not mind,I hadnt told him what I was planning in case my nomination did not get anywhere.He deserves it for his kindness treating our rescued and often traumatised ponies and for his wonderful volunteer work with working horses and donkeys in Greece.

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