Monday, 24 August 2009

The feral cats enjoy a new toy.

Another dog has left today for a new home,Sam the young stray cross labrador is off to a new life in Derbyshire.As with all young dogs,he is a handful,I only hope he will not prove too much for his new person to cope with.Youngsters are so full of life and mischief but it can be wearing for anyone unused to this.
A kind person donated a great cat climbing frame, we placed it in the feral enclosure and as you can see the cats love it.There was so much interest in it,almost all the cats investigated and the bolder ones leaped on to it straight away ,still some are a little unsure of this new"building" in their home but no doubt will soon cease to fear it and join the others in their play.It will stop them from being bored,another reason why we often place cardboard boxes and other items in there.When cats are confined, albeit with an outside enclosure,it is not the same as being free to roam and new toys can make all the difference to their lives whilst they are here.
Although today is lovely and the sun has been shining, the torrential rain yesterday has me worried for the ponies out at summer grazing, in particular the 4 youngsters.I think its time that they returned to the shelter and they can be gelded soon after.There is natural shelter in their fields but it will be easier for us if they are here.At least if there are drastic changes in the weather we can put on their rugs or bring them in at night if necessary.
I have heard from the new owners of George and Jess. The collies travelled well and have been for a run around their new home, and were flat out on the sofa when I last heard. Its the goodlife for them at last.There is another collie arriving tomorrow,Rosie will be fostering him,all I know is that he is a blue merle around the age of 6 years and was rescued from a dog pound some weeks ago.
A little black stray kitten was admitted earlier today so all the cat pens are now full though there is one tabby reserved.This season there seem to be mainly black and white kittens,other years we have had assorted and several gingers.I wonder why there is a change in colours each year and why there are more of one colour than another? When I first moved here I was struck by how many longhaired cats we saw and how many gingers, which if not a rarity in Liverpool were certainly less common.
Roy the ferret will have his bits off on Wednesday and then we will try to find him a home. On close inspection he is not a well cared for animal at all, he was covered in fleas and has hardly any hair on his tail- poor creature.I suspect he has been used for hunting and like many such animals has received the minimum care.

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