Thursday, 6 August 2009

Dids and Buster will be coming back.

Six cats went in to be neutered yesterday and another 2 are going on Friday. We have had help from the Cats Protection League to help with neutering but the grant they give us at the beginning of the year has been used up already.This means from now till next January we pay almost full price for every cat spay/neuter.That means every female costs £34.21p and a male cat £27.37p. Most of the cats admitted here are strays so most will need neutering and without any financial help it means I will have to restrict the numbers we take in.Of course I always ask people for a donation but cant expect those who have found a cat and kindly brought it to the shelter to fork out for expenses to be incurred.The donations we get for the cats when adopted seldom cover the operation,microchip and worming/defleaing preparations but I fear that by putting up the price, it will deter people from adopting.
On top of this a litter of kittens has died from Feline infectious peritonitis which has been very distressing for us all but particularly upsetting for Gail and Rhian who care for the cats.Unfortunately there is no cure for this and animals invariably die even with immediate veterinary attention as these had.It is an awful discease but at least it is not airbound so the other litters will not run the risk of infection as with influenza .With many litters which have been abandoned there are often already problems when they are admitted and each year we have to face the fact that not all will survive, especially those which have had a poor start in life.
On a cheery note I had a lovely email from the lady who took Copper the pony, saying how well she had settled in and how delighted they are with her.There have been two enquiries this week from people wanting companion ponies for their horses so it is a possibility we may home a few more before the winter sets in. With the four being returned soon, in order to make room for them I either need to home a few on our loan scheme or find other winter accommodation for them.Pictured are Dids and Buster two of the returning horse who need to stay together.
I am off for two days now and will be back Sunday evening. On my way into Caernarfon tomorrow I will be going to the horses there to check on the ragwort situation and do a bit of weed picking again.Oh, and the dreaded time for the B12 injection has come round again so have an appointment at DR tomorrow.I will have little sleep tonight as I am full of dread already.The very thought of it is , as usual terrifying though I rather think the staff at the surgery are more terrified at the prospect of having to deal with ME again!! Seriously though - I think I am improving,its a while since I made a run for it when my name was called and even longer since I lashed out in terror when the object of my fear was produced (cant even manage to say the word)

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