Sunday, 27 November 2011

New Neighbours come To Visit.

What a cold day it has been, for the first time  this year I felt I need to wear gloves, my hands were freezing after walking the dogs. There is no doubt that having a dog makes you exercise even if you don't feel like  it ,  and I really didnt feel like being outside  today.

This week, I met a local hairdresser called Dawn who apart from her day job,amazingly does a similar job to Jan in Liverpool (Ghost walks) and she is willing to do one for Freshfields.This is so SPOOKY when Jan had only recently  mentioned to me that  it would be good to do a ghost walk in this area . I  had replied that it would be good but we struggle to get volunteers to fundraise, never mind doing a ghosty event. I hope this comes to fruition as I would like to have a few events  organised for 2012 which do not involve coffee mornings.
Also ,Alan from the Birding company 'The Biggest Twitch' has offered to give one of his popular talks /slide shows on his world travels birdwatching. maybe we will make that into a cheese and wine evening? We hope to have that organised in a venue in Anglesey sometime in the Spring. So keep an eye open for these advertised on website/blog nearer the time.
Two felines were adopted today, 18 months old Thomas and a black(yes black!) kitten.They are moving, very slowly but at least some are finding homes. Although we have no space at the moment,we arranged to take in a  heavily pregnant cat  which we were told was ready to give birth. Foster mum Mion  who is also inundated with Freshfields   mums and babies(I hasten to add of the feline kind)offered to squeeze her in as it was obviously an emergency ,however  the cat turned out to be a male - with all his attributes clearly on display! At least he has now secured himself a place at Freshfields.

One of our cats was returned after being in his home for 4 years.what a shame, the owner has now developed an allergy! Poor Charley(seen on the left here) is pure white and is stone deaf, we now have a deaf cat AND a deaf dog looking for homes. Charley is not too happy at the moment, no doubt he is wondering why he has had to leave his home.So bewildering for him, I can only hope he will take someones eye soon and will not be here too long.

We have so many half grown kittencats here at the moment, they need to be in homes soon otherwise we will have a terrific bill neutering them all when the time comes.Some of them shown below.These are all aged between 5 months and 8 months.

The house at the corner of our road, has been up for sale for some time and we have been hoping whoever purchases the property will look kindly upon the close proximity of the shelter Today the new owners  who are from the  Manchester area, came up to introduce themselves and brought up some blankets for the animals  and also expressed  interest in doing voluntary work here. They have a cocker spaniel dog,  Kevin keeps bees and Tracey has fostered for the Springer spaniel rescue  so  I am delighted to know animal lovers are moving in there and look forward to popping round for a coffee and getting to know them better.

The pups being fostered have come in today. They are so adorable. They are now 5 weeks old and Mei is going to foster them until they are old enough to be adopted.   Both jack russell and collie can be seen in them although they are very small ,so I think  they will  not be much bigger than spaniels when fully grown.
The baby rats were admited and they have gone off to the Liverpool shelter with Dawn and Elaine who visited today. Only 4 months old they should make nice little pets for someone who has the time to spend with them.

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