Thursday, 10 November 2011

And still the calls are coming in for abandoned or unwanted cats and kittens, its unbelievable, if only there was another cat shelter round here to help with the sheer numbers. Every caller believes his/her situation is the most urgent, most are accepting of the fact that when we have no space, that is all there is to it but some can be very difficult and put a great deal of pressure on whomever answers the telephone. It is like the Triage system at any casualty department of a hospital.We have to prioritise the most urgent cases - not an easy task when the very fact that we have received a call to admit an animal means there is a little (or large)creature about to become homeless.

The article about our unwanted cats has been published in the local newspaper so fingers crossed that it will result in some homes being found.

Two more dogs are in our care - Leti  is  a young, handsome and loveable cross Rottweiller/German Shepherd  female who is like a big teddy bear.She was due to  be destroyed as an unclaimed stray in a dog Pound.That would have been criminal! She is such an amiable natured animal.The other is June, a 6 months old collie pup whose owner could not cope with her liveliness (she has somebody interested in her already) Kim is fostering both of these - I dont think she will be keeping another foster dog, she has enough already though I know she has a soft spot for German Shepherd type dogs.
Bud, the  Cocker Spaniel has gone to his new home In the Isle of Wight. John kindly offered to meet the lady in Birmingham, as she had such a long journey to collect her new friend.  As with all the animals who leave us,  I  will be waiting  anxiously to hear how he has settled down .Bud will be living in a home which has had a cocker spaniel in residence for many years and it is to be hoped that Buds  presence will alleviate some of the grief felt after the loss of the old dog.

We had a lovely delivery of petfood today from the Liverpool shelter who sent a van with goodies for their poorer relatives here in Wales! It was exciting also to receive some of our new sales goods, the attractive pawprint bracelets which will make good stocking fillers(available from our shops, shelters and online) and the pawprint keyrings.. Helen (Liverpool manager) and I are always trying to think of new and reasonably priced goods  to sell at our fundraisers and I think these are great new additions.
You will be pleased to know that is the end of my Sales Speech!!

Whilst I was putting out the bird food in my garden this morning , a little robin hopped on to the branch just inches away from me and sat there until I had finished filling the feeders. I am sure he waits for me because he appears each time ,seemingly from nowhere and is so bold and brave. It was a wonderful experience having him so close. I experienced one of my few and fleeting moments of happiness. The next one will be when I sit down to eat!!

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