Wednesday, 23 November 2011

We have A Feature In The Daily Post Today

It has been a busy week, we have had the Daily Post here taking photos of dogs and cats in need of homes.It was a bit chaotic, trying to organise the various animals in foster homes to arrive at the same time but we managed and today they have appeared in a feature in the Welsh edition of the Daily Post,So far there have been no telephone calls but I am ever hopeful!

A lady adopted a lurcher (pictured here)from the Dog Pound, kept him one day and brought him here, saying she could not cope with him.He has gone on a weeks trial to foster mum Rona who is hoping to find a suitable companion for her spaniel and thinks he may just be the one.He is very young and  friendly but could be a bit of a handful but it would be great of it worked out. having said that it will mean the loss of another foster home but the possibility of a permanent home cannot be ignored.
A few more kittens have been adopted and Tiger the cat up the chimney in his new home  is still residing there ,but is spending a little more time out each time and is wolfing down the food left out for him.They are wondering if another cat would draw him out of his shell(and the chimney) so are pondering on taking that step next. He did originally live with another cat so it might help him settle in his new home.It can't be that comfortable staying  up the chimney all day! Tiger is pictured here at the shelter  not long before he was adopted.

I have just spoken to a lady at the Dogs Trust with whom we work to  prevent as many dogs in Wales as possible from having unwanted litters.They are campaigning to have more farm dogs neutered so if anybody knows of any farmers who would like to have their dogs neutered/spayed  free of charge please let them know or contact me for details.Likewise if you could display a poster about this campaign let me know.I knw there will be many who will stick to the old(bad)ways but there are some more enlightened ones and we just need to identify  them and offer this help.

Does anyone know of a rat lover? (domestic not wild) We have two baby 4 months old female ratties coming in on saturday and if I cannot find a home locally they will go to the LIverpool shelter on Sunday(someone from that shelter is coming over here to visit)
Also a foster mum is need for three 5 weeks old motherless pups.You may remember they were brought to us when their mother(Jack russell) was unable to feed them, and we have had them in foster care until now.That  lady can no longer care for them so we need a temporary home until they are old enough to place for adoption at 7 weeks. I will take them for the time being but a new foster mum would be very welcome.

There are going to be pups galore by the time xmas comes and that worries me, how many will be given as xmas presents? I already know of three litters looking for homes and I see the Liverpool shelter has quite a few there. It could not be a  worse time could it?

Ps: did anyone see the you tube video everyone is raving about? The one of the man calling his dog Benton which has chased a herd of deer.Am I the only one who fails to find it amusing? All I could think about was whether it harmed any of the herd and having been party to a dog escaping me and feeling that sense of terror and panic, I can only sympathise with the owner who is clearly upset.

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