Friday, 4 November 2011

More Abandoned Kittens are Admitted.

What is going on? more abandoned kittens have arrived.  Dont tell me it is the Pre Christmas  animal clear out already? Time goes so quickly and now we are at that time of year again when it seems that so many people are parting with their pets.Each year I forget how bad it gets from November onwards. It will worsen until Christmas finally arrives, then there is a bit of a lull until the Spring and it all starts over again.At that point many kittens and pups given as Xmas presents are at the naughty mischievous stage so once again there is an influx of abandoned and unwanted pets.Will people ever learn the art of responsible pet owning? It is just as well I meet some delightful people in my work because otherwise I would have no faith at all in human beings. The bad and the indifferent  ,do at times seem to outweigh the good people but I live in hope that I am wrong and that it is just my work bringing me more into contact with the extremes of human nature.
Pictured here are the two very scared  kittens abandoned in the middle of woods in Anglesey(definitely not feral, they love a fuss but were nervous of the camera Im afraid, the surviving tortie baby  whose sibling was killed on the road , the grey found in a local park(he has a home already)two black and white youngsters abandoned at the side of a busy road and these are just the ones which have been admitted over the past couple of days. Disgraceful isn't it?

We had a bit of a scare yesterday. Caspar the grey pony who lost his companion   Honey , a few weeks ago, developed a case of colic and the Vet had to be called out. He is fine today but we are keeping a close watch on him. He has joined Noddy and Maggie in their stable and seems to be much happier generally since he became friends with the little old shetland ponies. I love this little group. Mind you Noddy (seen here on left)has been with me so many years now that he is part of the furniture and I just love every part of him, from his big Horsey head to his  little legs and  peculiarly long body.He is The Best and when some people say to me that he is a strange looking animal, I feel quite affronted as thought they are criticising a member of my family. Well,  he is ,of course, a member of my animal family and as such I think he is beautiful. So remember if you visit to only make nice comments about this special little pony! As many will know, he is now thirty eight years old and I suddenly realised that some of the other ponies are not far off him in years.
Tangy the chestnut pony was admitted nearly eight years ago so that makes him the same age as Noddy.  Callie and grey ponies Ross and William are also  coming up to their thirty eighth year. Pictured here are The Pensioners (and I dont want any comments from anyone saying "Well where is your photo then?")  Be Warned!  So we have  a fair number of very old ponies though some years ago  Freshfields lost two horses which were  42 years and 45 years! They were ex riding school horses and they enjoyed several years of retirement with us before their demise.
Just before I finish this I must thank everyone who has voted for us in the Animal Friends competition on facebook, we are still neck and neck with another charity so may still not win the coveted £5,000 but it will not be for want of trying. I made a mistake on the end of voting date.It is actually Nov 5th Midnight. Thanks everyone and if you have any friends or family left who have not yet voted dont forget to ask them. The link is on the last blog entry.


chrisw0072010 said...

Hi Lesley, I too cannot understand how people can be so cruel and heartless to animals to just dump them. I hope the kittens find a good home soon, that goes for all the other animals too. I can guarantee, you will not be having Sonny back. He is so adorable. By the way, where did the name Sonny come from as he knows it's his name, doesn't he. Bless all of you there, and I do hope you win the £5000, I have nagged everyone. xx

kim said...