Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Poor Old Farm Dog Needs some TLC

I have not had much time to blog this past week as have had to organise two fundraising events. We had a stall at an open day at Electric Mountain in LLanberis yesterday and tomorow is our first fundraiser in LLandudno , a Christmas Fair at the Holy Trinity Church hall.(opp M&S)Heres hoping it will be successful.I will be leaving (though not on a jet plane!) early in the morning to be there early enough to organise everybody! That is a laugh, I can barely organise myself! When did my desire to care for animals turn into office work and event organising?
The Springer Spaniel rescued from the dog pound and being fostered by Rona is losing his shyness to an extent, we cannot have him neutered until he gains some weight and the Vet thinks he has some loss of sight also. He has been named Stanley and I am pretty sure he is from a farm as he has the demeanour and appearance of one such animal!
Pictured here is Stanley in  the stable just before Rona arrived to take him home - I wouldn't want anyone to think Rona lives in a house with sawdust shavings on the floor!
Stanley has some loss of sight and could be as old as 10 years, his teeeth are not very good though his face looks quite young with no grey on his muzzle. Perhaps he has just had a hard life and a poor diet!

Hallelujah! two kittens have been reserved, now there are only a hundred to go - well not really , it just seems that there are that many sometimes when all the pens are full. The real number is more like 35 at the moment. That is a lot of homes to find but two being adopted is better than none. Tiger the adult cat rehomed a few days ago has been residing in the chimney  and has been the cause of much concern with his new family.He is, however, emerging from his hideaway during the night and scoffing his food so he may choose to stay down when he feels a little more secure. It can be a very scary time for a cat who has been institutionalised for so long, if only we could communicate with them and let them know they have nothing to fear. I hope next time I write about Tiger it will be with better news.

My book will be published the first week in December and by next week people will be able to order it online as we will be putting a link on the website to the publishing company.They will be dealing with orders so it will save us the job of packaging etc. It will also be available at both shelters and some of our shops(details of which shops  at a later date) So if you want to help the animals(all proceeds will be going to Freshfields) please consider  purchasing a copy. How mortifying it will be if nobody buys it, I may have to buy them all to prevent loss of face!

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