Sunday, 20 November 2011

Homes for dogs but not for Cats

The kittens which Mion has been fostering are adorable.Pictured here are the four youngsters.Unfortunately the black one  was not keen on having a photograph taken so showed us his rear end! He is actually a very pretty kitten, heres hoping he will get over his anti social behaviour before the next visitors arrive! That is IF we have any visitors. We have not homed any cats or kittens  at all today though we have had a reservation placed on Leti the cross rottweiller.
 I had been starting to feel nobody would show interest in her but it looks as though she will be leaving our care very soon and moving to Anglesey where she will be enjoying three mile walks a couple of times daily. Just what she needs. When I look at her it horrifies me that she was on Death Row at a Pound (near Blackpool)and  so close to losing her life. I can find no reason for her being  unclaimed, she is such a nice dog and appears to have no problems at all.

We have been forced to place some dogs in boarding kennels due to our shortage of foster homes and it being a very busy time with so many dogs needing shelter. Currently there is a cross staffordshire bull terrier in situ at the local kennels,We have named him Oscar and he is another unclaimed stray but he is a very lucky boy because friend Sue has fallen in love with him and will be collecting him tomorrow.
Also in kennels,  though this time due to a bereavement are Tavvy and Livvy, 6 years old collies and they too have a person interested in them. They are delightful animals though need a good grooming session . Sometimes when owners are elderly and ill, their pets become neglected through no deliberate act of cruelty  and these two have clearly been dearly loved by their owner. I am glad they have a possible home as they are very anxious to be back in a home environment(I know because they told me - well not really but I could tell from their expressions how they are feeling  and I promised them I would do my best to sort a nice home out for them).  The dog adoptions are definitely improving, even Stanley the  old(ish) Springer spaniel has a home - pending a homecheck he will be going to live in Formby, Merseyside where I once lived. There is a nice beach, woods and sandhills for dogs to enjoy so Stanley should be quite pleased at my choice.

There is a home also offered to George and Rory our rabbit and guinea pig pals.They have been here rather a long time so I am delighted that they have finally found a  suitable home. I will never allow small pets to go where they are to be kept in small hutches(prisons) with no exercise run and one of the criteria is that they have permanent access to a run -   something not all people think of when they purchase living accommodation for  small pets like rabbits .
I always tell people that a hutch should be regarded as a sleeping space only and that a alarge exercise area is needed and permannent access to it. So many are left all day languishing in boring hutches until a child comes home from school and even then many are never allowed any freedom.Heartbreaking.

Incidentally, remember Caspar the pony who lost his pal Honey, well he had started to follow Noddy around and we had high hopes that they would bond. He had begun to happily share a stable with Noddy and Maggie and last night Mei caught Noddy and Caspar grooming each other. Neither Mei nor I have ever seen Noddy doing this even when he was with previous companions to whom he was very attached. It looks like Caspars sadness is now a thing of the past. Good old Noddy.

Ps: Late in the day  someone arrived to view the kittens  and the litle tortoishell kitten pictured above has been adopted  so  today was not a hopeless day for felines after all.

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Roy Turnbull said...

Hi Lesley Looking forward to receiving my copy of your book. I always read you diary of daily events,love it so i am sure the book will make good reading.We will bring sweep for a visit next spring Im sure his old mate Mei would like to see him too. He,s very well and a joy to own. see you soon Sue.X (Manchester)