Saturday, 19 November 2011

Bryn models a Freshfields T Shirt.

I am really tired today after being at the LLandudno xmas fair all day.I don't know why but I find this more exhausting than working all day with the animals here? It was very quiet, not  a great deal of support I'm afraid, in fact I had to resort to kidnapping people off the street and coercing them to come in to the fair! Everyone seemed to take it in good spirits and nobody called the Police to cart me off so it was worthwhile in the end. At one point volunteer Ivan joined me with his German Shepherd  Bryn (who was looking very fetching wearing a Freshfields T Shirt ) We worked then as a team.The dog caused people to stop and then I moved in to presssgang them into supporting us. It comes to something when we have to resort to this!
A big thank you goes to staff Veronica, Rosie who stoically manned stalls all day and to volunteers who turned up to help.Thanks to Dilys, Ivan and Janet(from Derbyshire)Joyce and Margaret and to the church helpers who looked after the catering side so ably.

It continues to be quiet on the pet rehoming  front though June collie has been rehomed locally and there has been interest expressed in Stanley the Springer spaniel . It is incredibly quiet for adoptions but it is leading up to the Christmas Holidays so that could be the reason why so many are wanting to get rid of pets but not many looking to adopt.

Tiger the vanishing cat has reappeared several times so is clearly gaining more confidence daily. Some shy cats do take a lot longer to settle and the best way to deal with it, is  not to panic and just allow the cat to come out in his own good time which he will do  when he/she feels more secure.

We lost our dear Jimmy Ginge a few days ago, in a tragic accident  and  it has taken me until now to be able to write about him.We were all devastated, he was a bad tempered old fellow but was such a great character and he was dearly loved by all the staff. RIP Jimmy . Losing animals is a real downside of this work but it has to be faced, difficult though it is, and we must remember that there are many positive incidents to keep us smiling.

Champ(pictured ) the unpredictable Jack Russell I adopted, along with Lucy the office dog, often brings a smile to my face with his antics. He loves watching television, especially Animal Cops and when he sees cats on the screen he tries to catch them  and cannot understand where they vanish to. The  Eastenders theme music really wakes him up. He can be fast asleep on my knee but when that music starts he leaps up and rushes over to the TV. He is such a dear little dog, it is just a shame that because he is not keen on new people , we were unable to find him a suitable home. Am I the only anti social person who has no visitors and an unfailing patience with problem pets? If there were loads of other  solitary and animal loving  beings  like me, lots more dogs would be adopted but as it is, most people have family /visitors who make having such a dog hard to deal with. Admittedly they can be hard work but they can be great fun also.

Two more litters of kittens have been brought in by foster mum Mion who has cared for them so well since they were tiny abandoned babies.What would we do without her?

As I finish this blog, two kittens have been adopted so I end on some nice news. perhaps tomorrow will bring some more good homes for our animals.Fingers crossed.

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