Friday, 25 November 2011

The Porthmadog Fair is a success.

We received not  one call about animals from the article in The Daily Post. That has NEVER happened before and is very disheartening indeed. However we did find a couple of homes from our website.Cassie collie and Leti the cross rottweiller have both been adopted over the past few days so their success has prevented me from going into a deep state of negativity. I am so happy for them. A friend has just bought me a  plaque which says NEVER, never never, never give up!  I shall look at that every day and take heed.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered a copy of 'The Dog With No name' and for the congrats though wait to read before you become too effusive !  I am expecting copies early next week so they should be in our Charity shops and shelters  by mid -end of next  week.

Stanley the ex farm springer spaniel has left foster care today and will soon be esconced in his Formby home.As this was my old stomping ground I know there are lots of lovely places to take dogs for walks, my own favourite was across the sand dunes and through Formby Pinewoods.I had many happy walks there with my own dogs. Good Luck Stanley and I hope that look of fear will soon be gone forever from your beautiful eyes.

Two lovely little cats were adopted this week, Luther a 5  months old kittencat and Ruby ginger who is around 2 years. I love it when two go together,.I always feel that most cats(not all) are happier when they have companionship of their own kind. Mind you, that goes for most species doesn't it? Even we humans are not programmed to live isolated from our own species.

I rushed  to get my camera  when I saw the starlings (which are visiting my bird table daily).all lined up on the telegraph wire.Were they waiting for their afternoon tea?  As soon as I fill the feeders they empty within half an hour so they are limited to morning  and afternoon top ups otherwise I will be filing for bankruptcy.

Rhian snapped Ken in the middle of his cattery duties and  a shiftier looking character have I yet to see , not to mention the Manchester United Hat!         What are the Freshfields staff coming to nowadays? 

I have just received a visit from an RSPCA Inspector who has had an ANONYMOUS complaint that we are keeping stray dogs in a ROOM and leaving them without veterinary attention!!!!!  Ludicrous, I would like to know where this room is located and why our Vet bills are so high? A very malicious person has made up this farcical allegation  .I wonder who it could be? Mmm m that is a difficult one and of course it would have nothing to do with my decision to call in the police this week ,over an issue of harassment would it???
I do not  feel upset, even the Inspector was clearly uncomfortable being here ,as  we all knew that it was a clear case of malice (We have been working together recently over a starving spaniel case(, not Stanley, another one) and anybody who knows Freshfields or has visited either shelter knows that   we are never away from the Vets surgery with one or another animal needing treatment. Therefore,  I put this absurd business to the back of my mind where it will remain.  
 I suppose in life one will always come across people who spend their time complaining and causing grief to others Certainly I know of many nice individuals who suffer at the hands of such characters.  I don't know where they get the inclination or the time.My life is far too busy and meaningful to spend valuable  time making others lives a misery!

On a more cheery note, the Porthmadog Xmas Fair was a great success and £850 was taken, the best so far. Well done to Trish for organising it so well and to everyone who helped make it a success. A special thank you to Louis ,the owner of The Sportsman Hotel who allows us the rooms free of charge and supplies us with tea and coffee.

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