Sunday, 13 November 2011

Where are all the Black cat lovers?

I took the Jack russells to their prospective new home  near Llanberis but it was a no no. As soon as they were off the lead in the garden, they were racing round looking for a way out and find it they immediately did. They clambered on top of a shed roof and jumped down in to the adjoining field! Then followed a very stressful half hour as Sue and I tried to get the little tinkers back into her garden and back to safety.Unfortunately the garden is an unusual one , in that it has several levels and is an awkward shape to completely fence it in. I feel it would be fine for a potterer of a dog but not livewire terriers like these two.Not to worry, there is a middle aged staffie in the local Dog Pound and if he is nice and docile, I will take him for a try out. Sue likes this breed and as they are so hard to rehome, it could be his only chance.

The 4 motherless puppies who are now being fostered are doing well and their foster mum is hoping to keep one so we will have just three to place for adoption when they are old enough . Pups tend to be snapped up fairly quickly, surprisingly there have been far less around than usual at this time of year. MInd you every time I say something like this, the phone will start ringing with requests to take whatever it is I have been mentioning! I sincerely hope  there are not loads of litters of pups about to need our help.We will definitely need more foster homes if that happens.

There has been a response from the newspaper article about unwanted cats though not as great a response as I would have hoped for. No more than 8 calls were received, I just hope that the telephone being down for an entire day did not put people off trying again though if that was the case perhaps they would not have been serious enquiries. Still there are three people coming tomorrow for kittens and cats and all want a pair, so all being well, 6 lucky felines should be reserved tomorrow.
Pictures are of Paddy carrying the terriers  leads, he loves doing this even though he is never on one himself here.It clearly makes him feel clever and he is very proud of his lead carrying prowess, he holds himself higher and almost struts in pride. The problem arises when I want to put the Jack Russells back on their leads before they re enter the yard(they are not good with cats and as you know we have cats everywhere). Sometimes Paddy will not release the leads  to me and I have to clip them on to the collars of the dogs hoping he will finally let them go. This is a photo of him refusing to relinquish the lead and so having  to tolerate Champ at the end of it!
                                       "Who is taking who for a walk?'

I feel very disappointed, only one of  the people mentioned turned up to choose a kitten but would not take any because the ones they liked were female!! Usually it is the other way round, most prospective adopters seem to  prefer females but as any cat owners know , once cats are neutered there is no difference.Some people say females are more home loving and affectionate but I have had several male cats which  would have put the females to shame with their wonderful natures and love of domesticity. Why anyone would be so adamanant about having only  male kittens seems unfairly biased  to say the least. It is the personalities , not the gender which make an animal a wanderer or a homelover but what can I do.If someone has a fixed idea of what he/she wants there is little I can do to make them change their mind?  All in all the newspaper article has been a total waste of time. What a shame!
We did, however have one cat adopted, 4 years old Tiger has been here almost a year so it is a wonderful day for him.  I will have to get my thinking cap on again and try to find another way to publicise the  rest of  the shelters many cats and kittens.

There is always something which happens to counter balance the not so great occurrences at the shelter.  Visitors today turned up with a donation of cat food and a  lovely cheque which was extremely welcome.The same people had two black  cats from us 6 years ago, called Brian and Keith(I named them after members of the Rolling Stones )and if I remember correctly that was also a time we advertised for homes for the black beauties at the shelter. We were so pleased that Brian and Keth found a home together so I know there ARE those who actually like cats which are not unusually marked but where are they all?
Black cat lovers, come visit us!

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