Wednesday, 2 November 2011

More Kittens Arrive.

The pups have gone to their foster home and are so far doing well.The foster mum hope to be able to keep one of them if they all make it and they are such bonny pups they have a very good chance.

4 unwanted kittens (pictured)were admitted from Machynlleth (their owner having gone into our charity shop there to ask for help)and today a young black and white kitten was brought in after being abandoned with his sibling, sadly one was killed on the road before they could both be rescued. We will ensure that the remaining kitten finds a loving home but I do feel angry with the irresponsible and callous people who abandon animals in this way, not least because there are frightening noises to be heard with all the fireworks going off at the moment.What a terrible time for a pet to be outside , alone and scared. At least the people from Mac did the right thing by requesting our assistance. As I type this, we have received a call about another abandoned (or feral?)kitten, a grey one this time has been found in the grounds of the local Glynllifon Estate. As we no longer have any room in the kitten room, a couple of pens are being put up in the staff canteen. In an emergency, it's a case of any space available put to good use.

All the horses and ponies are coming in now at night,it isn far too cold for the oldies to stay out and we have just changed over our bedding routine.Previously we have used straw bedding which in my opinion does not soak up the urine well  so is not as easy to keep clean  but this winter they will be on sawdust shavings.This will provide a nice thick bed for the old ponies , will be easier on the feet of those with tender feet  and is ideal for any with breathing problems as it is dust free.Unfortunately there has almost been a mutiny amongst the staff as they are not keen on the change over but this is with most new routines and I am sure will  soon get used to it, especially when they see how warm and comfortable the horses will be. I wonder what other horse owners think about  straw versus shavings? .Which do you prefer?
Also many of their winter rugs were worn and ripped so I had to purchase over 20 new ones,What an expense! It was absolutely necessary  but  they are not cheap and it makes quite a dent in our funds . We do get rugs given to us but they are not always the right size for the horses and ponies in our care.This winter we were short of smaller ones that would fit the Welsh Section A types.

The starlings have truly descended upon my garden now, the birds are all in a feeding frenzy at the moment and this morning I had my first visit from a shy little coal tit. There are already Blue tits and Great tits regularly on the feeders but this was a first, I hope he returns so I can see more of him than the fleeting view this morning.
I went birding to Aberdaron yesterday on my day off and there were literally thousands of starlings about, having arrived after their long flight from Scandinavia . An amazing sight. The migration of birds fascinates me, I can't even find my way to Caernarfon if there is a diversion!  I once went on a 20 minute trip to where I kept my horses near St Helens.Merseyside  and a diversion completely threw me and somehow(dont ask how) I found myself on the way to Blackpool!!! I managed to find my way home five hours later!! Unbelievable but I am ashamed to say completely true.

I made a mistake about the voting competition on facebook.It did not end on 31st as I thought, it ends on the fifth of November and the other charity is carching up to us so we may still lose the race to win £5,000.
If you have not yet voted for Freshfields and you are a facebook member PLEASE PLEASE do so today and send the link to anyone you know who could also vote for us. A £5,000 donation would be lovely especially at this time of year when our expenditure is sky high.  Please go to  then go over to the left hand side and click on "Vote for a charity". Once on the page you will be asked to allow access to your details, but this is just so they know you aren't voting more than once - your info won't be used for any other purpose. If the app isn't showing properly use the tab button to move it across. If you get a blue box showing that says "Go to Facebook" click on that and it will take you to the app. Once there just click the little circle in the bottom of the box that says Freshfields and then click submit. Please help us to help the animals! It would also be great if you could share this on your own page. Many thanks for your support. :-)

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