Sunday, 6 November 2011

We Won the Voting.Yippee!

There is good news to start the day.Freshfields won the voting and we will soon be £5,000 richer.We will divide it between the two shelters and a very big thank you to everyone who voted and rounded up so many friends and family to do the same.It was a very stressful time for us all, sometimes we were ahead and then we were falling behind.nerves were shredded! I only wish that Shropshire cat Rescue could have won the same, they did so well, I felt quite guilty at taking the prize away from them, at least they will receive the second prize of £2,500.

The sad  news is that we lost the little abandoned grey kitten. He had been reserved but 2 days after he arrived, Rhian came in to find him virtually comatose and despite everything we did to bring him round, he passed away within the hour. My gut feeling is that he died of pneumonia, he was only about 8 weeks old and being out in the cold and wet probably was too much for his little body to deal with. Fortunately the others admitted round the same time are all doing well but we don't like to lose even one.It was very upsetting for us all.

I wonder how those of you with pets got on with the fireworks last night? (and the preceding days!) For once I was glad that my lovely William lurcher was no longer with me, he was always terrified out of his mind when he heard the bangs and nothing I bought to allay his fears worked for him. He would shake and tremble with fear and his eyes would almost appear to be on stalks. No amount of ignoring or cajoling would help him, believe me I tried everything but he would spend the evening hiding. It is a very upsetting thing to witness and it made me feel so helpless . None of my current canine family suffer the same so that was a great relief. I believe the awful motorway crash yesterday has been attributed to smoke from a  nearby firework display. It is time the Government banned the whole business, there is something incredibly barbaric and uncivilised about  burning an effigy of a human being  and I know of nobody who is not completely fed up with the weeks of bangs and flashes in the sky above them.I cant help but wonder how it affects the birds?

It is a lovely warm and bright day today but there have been no visitors at all so no adoptions today I'm afraid.


Morag, Mango & Midget said...

So delighted you won! I became obsessed with reposting it & following the changing vote, & lots of friends voted & shared. Well deserved!
Morag ('Mum' of Mango & Soza)

Penny Brown said...

Love the new colour scheme!