Sunday, 4 December 2011

An Eventful Sunday.

I have been  to Liverpool to see The Queen.
 Only joking, though the Queen WAS  there at the same time though our paths did not,of course, cross.The  headline in The Liverpool Echo  that night alluded to the colour of her coat 'Lady in Red' and as I too was wearing a red coat, for one brief heady moment I thought I had finally hit the headlines!  Queenie  was there to open the New Museum and unknowingly  I had planned to visit at the same time but was frustrated to learn that it was closed all day due to the visit(The Queens not Mine!) Apparently there is a Sports section featuring well known Liverpool sportsmen and women and my father has a write up but I will have to try and see it next time I visit the city.

Whilst I was away some interest has been shown in the two middle aged collies and also Dodger and Nancy Jack Russells, they are both being visited  next week by prospective new families.Fingers crossed  at least one pair will be adopted.All three pups are now reserved but nobody has been for cats or kittens which is always disappointing.I long to return from a break to hear news of dozens of animals being adopted but it is so slow nowadays, that if just one has found a home it is good news.
Mei had to arrange for a stray dog to be placed in boarding kennels and we are waiting to see if the owner turns up.Unbelievably he is another Springer Spaniel.Where are they all coming from?We have seen more of this breed in the last six months than any other.

Veronica had a  stall at a flyball show and raised  an amazing £206, these little financial boosts make all the difference and I am very grateful to everyone who fundraises for us. I am sure when Veronica took on the job of Bookkeeper to Freshfields Wales that she had no idea that she would also become a
fundraiser, office cleaner, dog walker and fosterer ! She is an absolute treasure.

Mt garden has been flooded from the torrential downpours we have had recently and my  little terriers are up to their armpits in it, so new ditches are to be dug out at the back of the property .This will also help the fields at the side of the house from being so badly waterlogged.This is always a problem when we have so much rain, the water races down the hillside and forms a stream through the  fields. It was done a few years ago,but it desperately needs doing again. We have a man working here temporarily who is experienced in such work so we may be able to start sometime next week. The sooner the better if we are not to be flooded out again.

The afternoon saw me driving off to Bangor to collect a dog which had been found in a field of sheep. She had not done any damage but her very presence would cause  distress to them and there is always a high chance of a farmer shooting at a dog seen near sheep so it was somewhat of an emergency.  The owner of the land had put her on a chain in a shed and she turned out to be a young kelpie , rather ribby and well into season.Friend Barry is fostering her for the time being,I would be very surprised if she is claimed, I don't think a bitch in season has ever been claimed. The prospect of an unwanted litter of pups seems to deter owners from coming forward.
When I returned from this trip I was greeted by the news that someone had turned up with FIVE cats in ONE basket. The owner had died and a relative had just given these cats to a friend to bring in - no phone call to ask if we had space, no warning, no donation either. Of course Mei felt she had to take them but a lot of moving animals about had to take place in order to free a pen and we had other urgent cases to deal with this week. Oh well, there's nothing can be done, these emergencies do happen. Also we agreed today to take a kitten and when it arrived, it was a full grown adult(for which we had no room either)so that one has had to join the new cats until another pen comes free.
I will try to take some photos of the newcomers tomorrow.

A dog we rehomed in Bournemouth(another Kelpie) was returned today due to not being good with their other dog ,but as luck would have it, he has not had to go into kennels as planned.   Someone  who liked Kelpies saw him and Max has found another home. What a relief that is!

All in all it was quite an eventful day.

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