Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Good Result.

Have had a call from the owner of the LLamas telling me that the man from LLandudno is no longer taking them and the animals will be shot on Monday if I dont take them. No pressure there then! I have spent all morning ringing people who may have the space and shelter for them, so far to no avail though I remain hopeful.We simply do not have a spare paddock and shelter adequate for four large animals and in spite of placing a national appeal online, there have been no offers of homes. I am waiting for a response from a call I made earlier and hoping, just hoping for a miracle!

Dear Ellie Whippet cross has left me for her new home in Dorset, it will be a long journey for her and I felt awful watching her go(I never enjoy this) though she will have two other rescue lurchers to play with so she should settle pretty well. Jackson will no doubt miss her company for a while, he enjoyed their 'chase me 'games though part of the game seemed to be 'Lets  have a laugh and knock Lesley over' when they would both cannon into me knocking me off my feet. Great Fun!

The owner of the three dogs who wanted rid of them brought in the two remaining dogs, he opened the back of his truck and the dogs shot to the back immediately cowering and would come nowhere near him! When asked to fill in the disclaimer form for them he was heard muttering his annoyance and he left without a word of thanks.    Only what I expected!
New foster mum Alison came to collect them and very grateful I was too, her daughter looked as though her xmas had come early and they drove away with their new charges snuggled up on her lap. They are clearly about to have the time of their lives with lots of cuddles and attention which is exactly what they need at the moment.
Jacky the sweet little border terrier has been great in her foster home and she actually is going to a new and permanent home tomorrow.I am really pleased for her and hope she soon brightens up in a caring loving environment.
The youngsters which I have called Molly and  Iolo (after the naturalist Iolo Williams )are very attractive cross collie/whippets and  should find homes in the New Year.(if I can prise them away from Alison and her daughter)
Tiger and Tabby cats have been reserved today so we are able to soon take in three adult cats from Mionwhich have been waiting to come in for months.They had been admitted with babies which have since been adopted,now it is the mums turn for rehoming and Mion willl have space again  for any emergency liters which we may hear  of.

YES!!!!!!!! A foster home locally has been offered for the four Llamas so I have arranged for them to be collected tomorrow.  More of this saga then. It's has been stressful to say the least, being given a time limit does no good for the nerves but it has been a good result in the end. I may be a quivering wreck but the Llamas will be  safe temporarily.

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Tara said...

Hi Lesley and Rhona

Just wanted to let you know that Ellie - whippet is settled in her new home, and has made great friends with us all immediately.

Such a charming confident well adjusted gorgeous, super star and already playing with our other two lurchers like old buddies... Thank you so much, we are completely captured by her, what a wonderful little girl, who has such a huge open heart and massive smiley personality, lots of updates and photos to follow of her new FOREVER home.

Tara, Suze, Sola, Lily and Ellie