Friday, 30 December 2011

One Happy Staffie.

First I must tell you all that little Jacky the border terrier returned after 24 hours went immediately to another home where she is adored and they cannot believe that the first people had any good reason to bring her back.She is perfect they tell me, so  happily she will now be able to settle into a new and better life. Of the two young lurchers who came from the same home Iolo the boy has been adopted and there is just Molly now to rehome.Her foster family say she is doing really well so her turn will come soon , of that I am sure. All three are  very nervous and trembly but are improving daily.
Jack the staff has left us today and I am so delighted to find a home for him though there is another on Death Row in the Pound so he may soon be replaced by the next abandoned Staffordshire bull terrier. I had decided not to take another but this one is apparently a very thin female which has clearly had lots of litters of pups and I felt I could not let her down. Where are all the pups now? One wonders how many of them will end up in shelters or pounds? I will try to find  a place for her by next Monday.
Jacks new family have sent this photo  and how happy he looks, this is exactly what Jack loves, being in the centre of things, he is a lucky boy.

A lovely young collie was taken to be put to sleep and is now in local boarding kennels , we need to rehome him away from sheep country as he attacked a sheep locally and that is unacceptable especially in an area such as this. Gel is a very friendly animal and will make someone a nice family pet. He has very strange ears, one is very large and pricked, the other is down but that just makes him more loveable in my eyes so hopefully others will fall in love with him too. By the way if anyone knows why some of my pics are coming out upside down do let me know! They look the right way when I post them.
We had a visit from a young couple who live in Machynlleth, they had three FIV positive cats from us a couple of years ago and they cared for them until the last one died a few months ago. Now they want to take not three but four  more cats with problems . I just love it when people are willing to take on animals which others will overlook. Anyhow they are going to take deaf Charley who is 7 years old, Poppy who has been here 2 years and is a very temperamental cat (which does not endear  her to visitors) and two more ( not yet decided upon) but likely to be longterm residents .They are unable to take them until the end of January but none of these cats are likely to find homes easily so the wait will be worth it. What a morale boost this is to all of us who so desperately want ALL the cats to find caring homes, no matter how grumpy or ill natured they are. Frances and partner - we love you.

LLama news  - Blitzen seems stronger on his back legs today and for the first time since the accident happened, I feel more  hopeful. He is still unable to use them properly but he is trying and managing to raise himself about a foot off the ground. The Vet says he has not lost his feeling in them so there has to be hope.We have made a decision to bring him to the shelter so we can nurse him back to health , and of course  Rudolph and Santa will be coming too. We have the move planned for Tuesday and have booked the Vet to give him another pain killer before he travels. John and Dave are sorting out a field shelter for them so Blitzen will stay inside but the other two boys will be able to have access to it also - Rudolph in particular. likes his warm bed so we need to make a small barrier that they can step over. We will,have to move a group of ponies which is not ideal but until they are all used to seeeing one another we need to keep them apart. I imagine there will be a lot of curiosity amongst the horses  when they arrive and I admit to feeling a little apprehensive myself!

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