Friday, 16 December 2011

An Anonymous Letter causes me Grief.

Another manic day. My first call of the day was to ask me to take three dogs, a middle aged Border terrier and two cross collie lurcher types which had been bred deliberately for sale and had not been sold. I asked why the owner wanted rid of them and was told " I have too many Dogs!" When I asked why this was, he got nasty and in my most obseqious way I managed to alter  the tone of the conversation and managed to get the details - address etc before it all went t...s Up!!! It can be so hard remaining pleasant when dealing with calls like this but the animals are the most important issue and one has to try at all times to remember that fact. NOT always easy!
Anyway  Border terier Jackie(pictured here) has gone into a foster home in Anglesey, Stefan is a new foster person and this will be his first dog to care for, I hope he copes ok.She is a little sweetie and very shy and gentle(surprising for a border terrier) and before border owners castigate me for this comment I must stress that most I admit are like this one from a working environment so it is unusual for such a  dog to be so gentle. The other two youngsters are also going to a new foster person Alison in Pwllheli.Its fantastic to have these fosterers at this crucial time of year.They  could not come at a better time.

Two minutes after I replaced the telephone receiver from this caller, I had another request - to take FIVE     dogs! I asked what was the reason
and guess what I was told again  "I have Too Many Dogs"
This time it was  from a farmer and thankfully he is willing to hang on to them until the New Year.The five are unwanted sheepdogs, 4 red and white collies and a black and white one aged between 1 year and 2 years with just one middle aged male for whom we just may have a home waiting if all goes well. I told the Farmer that there is a scheme set up by the Dogs Trust to have Farm dogs neutered free of charge and asked if he would  consider taking them to the Vet for this. I was delighted that he agreed with  some alacrity, this will take the pressure off Freshfields and means they will be ready sooner for adoption.

I have been upset over a visit from the owner of William the horse with major back problems,It appears someone has sent her an anonymous letter which she believes is from me! In it I apparently have told her to come and get him!(I dont think so) as I am unable to ride him! What rubbish. I take in horses BECAUSE they cannot be ridden. She has now sent me a letter in which she states that I was delighted(!!!) to have William free of charge inferring that she was ever so generous handing him over to me. What planet is she on? My heart sinks every time I know of an unwanted horse and I took this boy in only because he had nowhere to go  according to the owner(who now has acquired another horse) We all love William dearly but I would  rather owners keep their animals for life whether they can be ridden or not.(dream on ) Whomever sent the anonymous letter has caused   the shelter   more problems  and had no right to do so though I expect he/she meant well. Oh well just another day of nonsense! Here is the Boy himself, the handsome but permanently infirm William.
One of our older cats went to a home today, the gentleman came to see Poppy but I'm afraid she behaved rather badly and was very grumpy thus doing herself out of a good home. Instead he took Bella who is also 10 years old and has been here a while so at least one cat  will spend Christmas in a  nice home environment.  Lucky Cat but naughty Poppy. What she needs is someone with no other cats who wants a pretty tortoishell and white  cat with attitude! Please form an orderly queue.

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kim said...

hmmm i have only one comment on your blog and that is who on earth would do such a horrible thing about William. Who knows who the last owner was and how to contact her? i would be bloody furious.