Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Happy Reunion.


The LLamas have been homed by the owner through the internet! The owner has not asked where they are going or what the people want them for! How can anybody give animals away without first finding out what sort of home it is It was probably one of those free websites. I despair.

We have traced the owner of the pups who wants to part with the mother dog also.,he says he  did not  abandon the pups at all (thought at 5 weeks they should still be nursing )and we have been given the wrong story altogether! I am trying to get to the bottom of it but the important thing here is that the pups are in our care and tomorrow they will be reunited with their mum(who IS a blue merle collie as thought) who is being admitted in the morning.

We are taking in emergencies only at the moment. All our foster homes are full and any others will now have to be boarded in kennels which is a huge expense. One such emergency occurred today -He is a very nervous and thin collie type who was nearly killed dodging traffic in Caernarfon. He is a youngster and absolutely terrified of everything and everyone.I feel so sorry for dogs like this and wish I could communicate with them and tell them that they are safe.Mind you, in my own way I (and the others here)probably do transmit that to them, just  a kind tone of voice , a bowl of food and a gentle stroke or cuddle goes a long way to showing an animal that there is nothing to fear. Some take a long time to understand this, some never do trust again but I have a good feeling about this boy and am sure in a short time he will begin to show a bit more confidence . He will stay here with my own dogs until he is ready to be adopted. Meg and Jackson have accepted his presence in the house.They are good dogs with most other canines. It is cats I dont trust them with which is why my cats and dogs live in separate parts of the house.

 Another rabbit has joined the inmates here and could be one which will be very hard, if not impossible to rehome. Inappropriately named  black bun 'Honey'    is aggressive  with his owner and has fought with every rabbit he has been paired with,He is now having to live without the company of his own species which is a great shame.  He has been neutered too, which often calms them down .
unable to assess the reason for this. Time will tell. And no he doesn't do a turn standing on his head, for some reason I cannot place  the photo the right way!

Ps: I have found out that the LLamas are going to be safe and have spoken to the man who is taking them. He has space and will take them until I find them new homes as he does not really want to keep them permanently, he felt he was just doing the advertiser a favour. He works at a farm and has llamas already so knows how to care for them.That sounds like a satisfactory arrangement all round.I feel relieved and will continue to search for a good permanent home for them.

The collies Livvy and Tavvy will definitely be going to their new home by next weekend so in spite of the time of year adoptions are not doing as badly as I had expected.
This afternoon we had a visitor by the name of George who we homed some months ago. George was a stray in the Pound and was barely  six months old when   he came in looking despondent and scared. Now he looks  so happy and well cared for, what a treat to see that in one of our rescued animals. Mei was particularly thrilled to see him again and once again it proves that just because a dog ends up unclaimed in a  Pound it does not mean that there is a problem with it(its usually the owners who are the problem!) I am often asked the question "Why is the dog with you or why is the dog on death row in the Pound"? There is often no reason at all other than the owners apathy and disinterest.

The people from Stoke came today for the two collies, they could not wait another week to have their new pets.Livvy and Tavvy looked a bit bewildered but I know that they will soon settle  and they have a nice rural home to enjoy .It will be home from home for them.
The stray springer spaniel was not claimed and I collected him from the kennels today .By the time I returned , his new family were already here waiting for him.He is a handsome dog and like all  springers will enjoy having an active life with his new people. We have had so many of these lately they have overtaken the collies with the frequency of their arrivals.At least they are easy to find homes for and I now have a waiting  list of those who lost out on this one and are anxious for us to find another for them.

The mother of the pups has been happily reunited with her babies and they are even more pleased to see her again so a happy day for this little family. Mum Gill is a sweetheart and  is going to be a very loyal friend to someone when she is ready to leave her little ones.Already she is overcoming her shyness and giving us all kisses , I am falling in love with her myself, she looks so like a younger version of  old Granny our resident collie who died a few years ago. Rhian had already commented on the blue merle pup reminding her of Granny so she is in for a surprise when she meets Gill who will  bring back memories!
The kittens are still coming in and the homes seem to be drying up.Just look at this gorgeous little chap, he is so beautiful, we just need to get people here to see him and the others.It is a difficult time admittedly, people are so busy at this time of year and  acquiring pets are the last thing on their mind. never mind, we may still find a few decent homes before xmas. Sometimes people lost their beloved pets at this time and find they are unable to face a christmas without them so there is always the chance that someone really nice will come forward to offer homes.

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