Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Very Busy Week

What a manic week it has been. There is no doubt that Christmas is close, even if I had not known that , I would have been able to tell from the sheer numbers of calls requesting the charity to take unwanted pets! Every year I think it will not be as bad and every year it IS.

2 pups are now reserved, mum Gill is a treasure and whoever gets her will have a lovely dog, she is so at home already here and no trouble at all.I think however, that she is losing interest in her babies and am glad that they are eating well and fairly independent for their age. If they have natures like Gill they will  make great little pets, they do not seem to have the tenacious terrier attitude for which I am deeply grateful as they will be more homeable taking after their lovely collie mum.
It looks like we will be using boarding kennels a lot this winter - we have had to admit two more collies, one was booked in to the Vet to be put to sleep and the other also due for destruction from the Pound. Both are females with fantastic temperaments and neither deserved to lose their life(not that any do!) when they are so young. Bess is 18 months old and Tammy around 3 years. I have no worries about their homeability factor. They are so appealing.
Bess is on the left and Tammy on right. Which dog do you think came from a  home and which (most likely)from a farm? Just look at the expressions on their faces and you will have the answer.

Last night we received two kittencats from a home locally where there had been a police presence for the past few days due to the murder of a local woman. The family did not want the cats and left them outside in the freezing cold. One of them in particular (Asha on the right)is extremely headshy and nervous but they are young and resilient and should find a home before too long. Not knowing their real names I have named them Asha and Ava. They are booked in for spaying tomorrow as it is a possibility one may already be pregnant and  with  the holidays approaching I do not want to put off the ops .
A few people have booked in to view cats so that is something to look forward to, both people are coming to see older cats, one lady is coming on Sunday to see 12 years old Felix and a gentleman tomorrow to see 6 years old Poppy. Both have been here for some time so it would be very heartening if they were both to go. I have fingers AND toes crossed for them.

It has been a bit of a struggle with staffing numbers this week,  Vanessa is off after having an operation on her knee, Rhian is  on holiday and Ken is off sick. Thankfully today Nurse Heather one of our stalwart volunteers turned up and has promised to come in next week to help also, and another Xmas helper(she came last year at this time)Lucy arrived and was an invaluable help to the cattery staff. Rhian had booked the time off to see George Michael in concert and was devastated to discover he was cancelling his tour dates due to ill health but decided to  stick to her time off anyway. I think she was hoping he would recover and the concert would still take place but it was not to be unfortunately. Some of us here are very keen on our music and have our own 'obsessions'. Rhians is George, Cariads is the late Freddie Mercury, Rosie loves Status Quo, as does Teg (who has been to see them 41 times!!) and mine is 'The Boss' Bruce Springsteen! The non music enthusiasts probably think we are a bit mad but hey, it makes us happy  and it gives some respite from the everyday problems we all have .
Anyhow thanks to Lucy and Heather we  manged to cope pretty well today , it is great when volunteers turn up at a time when staff numbers are low.I expect they wonder why they are greeted with more enthusiasm than normal!
Speaking of staff Mei STILL has not had  a date for her wrist operation, it is almost 2 and a half years now since she first went  to the Dr about it. Disgraceful isn't it, and she is so often in appalling pain too.

Finally Rogue(Honey )Rabbit has settled in well  and we are assessing him, he does not seem as bad as I had expected but that may be because he is not completely relaxed yet. We will see. George and Rory the bun and guinea pig pals have finally been adopted after almost a year at the shelter and Honey has taken over their enclosure. I look forward to hearing how they are and receiving some photos from new owner  Justine.

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