Sunday, 9 October 2011

Oh Dear , Another Staffie!

Yesterday afternoon I went to collect a dog which had been scavenging in bins near the town centre of Caernarfon. He is a 6 years old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a little underweight and with ear mites which seem to be bothering him quite a lot. At first I thought he will never be claimed and 'Oh No what am I going to do with such a difficult to rehome dog. Then we discovered he was microchipped to someone in Caernarfon,  but who ever answered their telephone denies all knowledge of the dog!!! So it looks very much as though he will be up for adoption and I am very worried that we will not find anyone for him even though he has a lovely nature. He even came face to face with the formidable Jimmy Ginger and simply backed away so it appears he must have been in contact with cats before. That has to be a bonus. Later we will see what he is like around other dogs and if he is good with them, that may make him more adoptable. Poor dog, he was very hungry when he was found and it does look as though he has been without a few meals lately. As I have mentioned before this breed has such a raw deal, so many fall into the wrong hands. We have two Staffs which regularly return (with their owners of course!) to see us. Both Billy and Tess have such wonderful homes now,  and Che the Pound dog which my Niece Vanessa adopted is also greatly loved  - if only all  Staffies could find  such happiness.  Fortunately 'Hassle' who has now been renamed ' Fraggle' (how horrid to call a dog Hassle) is a quiet well behaved dog (apart from being oversexed - my leg is the major recipient of his attentions!) so he can be kept temporarily in the office until we are sure he won't be claimed.

It continues to be a good weekend for  adoptions; the returned grey and white kittens are going together to a home, as are the two black kittens which were abandoned.  Young (black) adult cats Tom and Jerry have been reserved also which is just amazing.  Even young black cats are hard to home and we have done really well with them this weekend which is a great morale boost for the cattery staff.

Another Caernarfon stray, cross breed (not sure which breeds he is crossed with) 'Oscar ' is also off to his new home so things are indeed looking up!

Foster mum Gail has another dog to care for in the shape of 6 months old Springer Spaniel Beauty whose elderly owner could no longer care for her. Gail has a special liking for this breed, she has one herself and has been tempted more than once to keep one of her temporary residents. I know she is trying to let her head rule her heart so hopefully this little dog will find someone nice quickly.

It is definitely the week for spaniels, |I am currently trying to find a place for two Cocker spaniels (one is a stray) and also a pregnant labrador due to give birth to a litter fathered by one of the Cocker spaniels. We need more Foster Homes and QUICKLY!

P.S. Had to place the stray Cocker spaniel in local kennels as run out of foster homes at the moment. She is a middle aged black Cocker, very fat but matted ears and undercoat. I think she may belong to someone older who has been unable to groom her,  I hope the owner has not died and the dog been turfed out.  With a bit of luck she will be claimed soon.

As I come to the end of this days entry another car pulled into the yard and another kitten has been reserved by these late visitors. Result!

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It has been a very busy and hectic day but at the same time it has been a very satisfying one.

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