Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Dogs and Cats.

I had a lovely email from the lady who adopted Charley and he is winning everyone over  with his charm and personality.Isn't that great news?What a happy little man he will be now.
 I have also heard from a couple of other people over the past few days. who adopted pets from us. These are emails I love opening, they cheer me up for the day. On the left here is collie Ryan(now called Owain) with new pal Daisy. Ryan was another Pound dog doomed until he came to Freshfields.
Angie who has Jess and lives in Milton keynes writes to tell me that Jess the cross labrador she adopted from us a year ago, is doing very well and her behaviour is improving all the time. I hope that is not clean washing she is sitting on! Jess, it has to be said was not an easy dog and this news is very heartening and the fact that they love her so much in spite of her personality dysfunctions makes me realise that there are people out there who do not expect wonders from their rescued pets and are, in fact, willing to work with them.
Sonny the cross chihuahua/jack russell  is also a happy little man now he has a loving home.From being tossed out of a car, abandoned and then spending a week in a cold kennel in a dog pound, he is now being cared for as he should have been all along and he has a canine pal too. I think you will all agree that these  photos show very happy dogs.
The cats pictured all live with members of the same family.Katherine has adopted three cats from us and her parents recently gave a home to teenagers Henry and Leo seen here surveying the layout of their new home.Here are the Williams cats in their full glory., left is Hedges who was adopted in 2007 enjoying a stretch on the bed. Below is Rusty adopted earlier this year and  being cuddled by Katherines daughter  and finally Jazz who has only just left the shelter but has clearly made herself very much at home already as she is sharing her sleeping space quite happily with Hedges.I wonder if are there any more cat lovers in the family? maybe we could persuade THEM to adopt a few more.
I am unsure if the article on black cats went in the newspaper this week because there have been no telephone calls about it,perhaps it will be in next week?I do hope so as we really need to home some of the bigger kittens and definitely more adults, so we can make room for and admit some more needy cases.

Sparky the Jack Russell has left us today for his new home in Canterbury and I have no doubts at all that he has now fallen on his feet. Also adopted is Sam the cross labrador and |Misty the collie Spaniel fostered by Rosie . We are now waiting for the people to collect Bud the cocker spaniel and that will be the last adoption of the day. For a horrid, wet, cold day it has proved to be a good one for the animals.

The starlings have well and truly arrived, Veronica counted over 90 sitting on the telephone wires on Thursday and they have started to come down on the bird tables which means my bird food bill is about to be trebled! I had almost forgotten how many times I had to refill the containers last year when they arrived en masse but the memory rapidly came back as  I  am refilling them  three times daily at the moment! I dont know why people dislike them, the markings on them are brilliant, almost iridescent and they can't be blamed for being hungry, they have flown thousands of miles to get here, who wouldn't be peckish?

Mei has just popped home to change her wet clothes and I am just about to do the same though at least I only have to walk a couple of yards. Somehow I doubt my dogs will want to go walkies in this, they are all rather nesh and not at all fond of the bad weather we are having right now.Meg the lurcher just takes one look outside, sees the rain and rushes back to her comfy bed. Only Jackson the staffie is interested in walks in all weathers but if he does not have another dog to play with, he rapidly loses interest in exercise. I do wish I could have found him a home, I have just had another call about an unwanted staffie locally and it is so very hard to find people willing to take them on. Poor dogs, they didn't ask to be brought into the world.

Thats it for today folks, I am off to have a change of clothes , refill the bird feeders for their last meal of the day and then try to persuade some of my dogs to venture outside. I will not be trying TOO hard to persuade them today!


sue said...

Hi I made the hardest decision I think I ever had to make handing my dog over to you I still think about her all the time its been a year now and it still hurts but I know I did the right thing for her and the only thing that keeps me going is knowg she is happier in her new home with a family who has the time and patience she needs and I will be forever greatful to you and her new owners I admire all the hard work you do ther to find the right homes for all the animals in your care , I just wanted to write to say thanto all involved in giving Jess a better life thank- you

lesley said...

Hi Sue,
As you can see Jess is dearly loved so that must make you feel a lot better, hope you liked the photo of her sitting on the laundry? (it is the same Jess you are referring to?)
best wishes,

sue said...

hi yes it is the jess in the picture ha ha i reconised her straight away she hasnt changed a bit shes still got that cute little face it dose make me so happy for her when i see how well she is doing on here its great that i can keep up to date with her progress thank you x

allaboutourdogs said...

They really look happy. It's great to have them around the house. They are one of our stress relievers.

Natalie and my cocker spaniels